Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year's Eve...

#1 Margarita (Vallarta!)

#2 Beer Tasting (@ Ed & Kim's)

#3 Wine:

Borsao (Thanks to Ed & Joanne!)

Pepperwood Grove Old Vine Zinfandel

#4 Cheesy goodness with essence of circuit board

#5 Pistachios

#6 Kurtis' Junker KICK ASS Speaker Box - Can you say Ho-made? I knew you could!

#7 Rare Earth Magnets - KILLER Magnetron

#8 Jalapeno Hummus

#9 Hayseed Dixie - Oh No You Di'int!!!


Saturday, December 22, 2007

Sweetie-face-Linus & FESTIVUS

Another great shot by Ltoo...It really captures the essence of L-dog.

I just noticed that I am logged into flickr as Ltoo so all these postings appear to be by him! Doh! It really is me...LacubriousOne! I guess it IS too much trouble to log out!

Well, I need to get back to preparing for FESTIVUS.

Yes that's right, all my relatives are coming over on Christmas Eve. We need a better name for our Christmas Eve get I am stealing a name from my boss, who stole it from Seinfeld who in turn got it from a writer who's father came up with the idea...FESTIVUS!

We are however NOT going to be partaking in any of the traditional FESTIVUS events:

For one, it is supposed to be held on December 23rd, NOT DOING THAT.

Also, there will be no Airing of Grievences and no Feats of Strength, and no aluminum Festivus pole.

However, I am NOT ruling out a FESTIVUS anything can happen!

Merry Christmas...Peaceful Puppy

LacubriousToo took this lovely photo of Linus under our tree! We are going to try to get another one and include the Baby-dog in it. It would be a great Holiday Card...for next year!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Fall Into Winter

Originally uploaded by sunday_photo_chronicles

I feel bad for not using my own photo for my "Peaceful Winter Day" post on this morning I went out and got a few of my own.

Check out my Flickr Site:

Props to L-Too for the post photo processing work on these...I'm still learning in that area.

New T-Day Dessert - Libby's Pumpkin Roll

IMG_0026f, originally uploaded by sunday_photo_chronicles.

So I tried a new dessert this year.Oh, but by no means did I NOT make my usual Cheesecake Supreme. They would have chased me outta town with pitchforks!

Anyhow, it's just the recipe inside the label of the Libby's canned pumpkin. It was super yummy! I kept a little wedge back at home so L-Too and I could have a couple of slices the next day.

You can get the recipe here:

My "roll" turned out a little more oval shaped, but it was still beautiful. I can't wait to try it again.


I was talking to our friend Kurtis about how angry we've been lately. Angry that is, when it comes to going to evening classes for our Business Management degree, or studying, or working on projects. Fits of anger overtake us and spill into other areas of our life. We wake up grumpy, shout at the other drivers on the way to work each morning, get snippy with people at work, and generally become unpleasant to be around. Kurtis enlightened us, saying "It's probably been awhile for you too, but it sounds like you have a classic case of Senioritis!" But of course! Thanks to Kurtis for putting a name to our disorder!

This week we are finishing a term that, for me, included the two 8-week classes from CMU plus a 16-week accounting class from ECC. I have only two classes to go and L-Too has three. We'll be done May 8th!

Graduation is not formally until August '08. We are still not sure whether we are going to participate in it. I hear you have to pay the $75 grad fee either way, so maybe we should just do it. L-Too just wants to go so they have to build a ramp! Ha!

Then again, it would be a reason to have a little get together with family and friends, plus L-Too's b-day is around the same time! Happy Birthday Graduation Party, anyone!?!

Saturday, December 08, 2007

A Peaceful Day...

Foggy Bottoms 3.6.2006, originally uploaded by 10thAvenue.

So we spent today at home, kicking back with a cup of tea, finishing some final projects for our classes and studying. I had the Christmas lights on, Sound of the Seasons playing, both dogs curled up under the tree (so cute!), and it feels very...peaceful.

You can't get much more lacubrious than that on rainy, foggy, December day!

A bowl of vegetable soup and another cup of tea, anyone?

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Javier @ Finale Final

IMG_1207f, originally uploaded by dehmystic.

Javi's Christmas Show(s) were rockin'! He played a lot of our favorites, rarities like Selle El Recuerdo & Corre La Mente!

We had a great time, met some new people (Basilio & Christine, Javi fans transplanted from Columbia!) and got to say adios to the venue.

Yes, Finale is closing...the building is going "Senior Condo". Bummer, because the place was great for intimate concerts and has fab sound. Rumor has it that it will reopen in another location, but it could be a year before that happens!

Friday, November 30, 2007

Javi & Carl @ Cherry Street

IMG_0873f, originally uploaded by dehmystic.

The most important thing...Javi had his Christmas Album for sale so we bought two! One for us and one for Mom.

I think we'll need to pick up a few more at Brandt's this month!

We listened to it on the way home and there's a surprise track! But you'll have to pick one up, cuz I'm not tellin!

You can buy one here:

Brady Didion @ Cherry Street Artisan

IMG_0844f - Brady Diddion, originally uploaded by dehmystic.

LacubriousToo and I took a quick trip to Columbia on Friday night to see Javi and Carl play at the place where it all began (for us anyhow) the Cherry Street Artisan. We grabbed dinner at Flat Branch (and filled up the growler - Irish Red baby!) and headed over to Cherry St. The place was packed to hear this guy, Brady Didion.

He plays "tapping" guitar. He was accompanied by a viola player and a cahon player and it was very good. Check out his myspace site at:

He's a local musician and has a pretty big following. He even jammed with Javi on a song.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Hermits? or Lazy? or just plain Busy?

So, how sad is it that we have not posted to this blog since September 30th?!?! We suck! I could rattles off the usual list of excuses:
"No time!"
"We have 3 nights of school a week..."
"Nothing exciting has happened!"
"The dog threw up!"
"I had to take photos for the Sunday Afternoon Group!"
"I had to bake a cheesecake!"
"I got drunk!"
"I had to watch Shakespeare for class!"
"Blogger was down"
"I'm studying for my mid-term"
"We went out with friends!"

The bottom line is...we just haven't made this a priority! So in prep for the new year I make no promises but I will try to post at least once a week! I will also probably be posting some backdated entries, so keep an eye out!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Sarah Bettens @ The Old Rock House

IMG_0743f - Sarah Bettens, originally uploaded by dehmystic.

LacubriousToo can take a mean concert photo!

Sarah Bettens w/US Band

A bass player we know from Javi's band, Eric Grossman, plays a full time gig with another artist by the name of Sarah Bettens. She's originally from Denmark (lives in Nashville) and does mostly European tours, but she had 3 US concert dates recently and Eric really wanted us to see her show when she came to STL.

We were not disappointed! She was great! Great voice and a rocking show. She has a great stage presence.

There were some very loyal fans on hand to see her. I spoke to one woman whose family drove in from Ohio! She had first seen Sarah in California and lamented that she had not been able to see her show since because she rarely plays in the US.

We picked up her latest CD, SHINE and what the heck, I had her sign it for me. She was super nice and made time for every one that came by, posing for photos and answering questions.

I also downloaded a prior CD release called SCREAM from iTunes and I have to say that I really like that one too.

I would definitely check her show out the next time she's in town...a road trip wouldn't be out of the question either!


Sunday, September 30, 2007

Boston - Day 1

Beer Sampler
Originally uploaded by mhaithaca
The entire Lacubrious Crew headed to Boston for our fall vacation. The Jonez's can only stay until Sunday, but the Lacurbrious's will be heading to CT for a few days, anyhoo.......

Day 1 - We landed, picked up the car and headed onto the Mass Pike to get to Framingham to our hotel. We made it after only one mishap on the Pike, can you say I-93, I thought you could. And then can say, "Helloe Mr Tollbooth guy, can you please direct me BACK to I-90?" I thought you could...

After checking in and grabbing some sandwich grub at D'Angelos, a local sub chain, we got directions from my cousin Lena so we could head to her house for a super quick visit with my Aunt Ruthe, and a longer visit with my cousin and her kids.

We stayed long enough that she finally recommended a brew pub where we could get some dinner and corralled her family together to join us! We went to John Harvard's in Framingham....tasty goodness and beer abounded!

Anniversary Weekend - No Not Pagan Pride Day...That's Tomorrow

IMG_0828f - Robynn Ragland
Originally uploaded by dehmystic
Mr. Lacubrious and I headed into Columbia to celebrate our 17th wedding anniversary by attending the Renewable Energy Expo. Now I know that may not sound very romantic, but anything we get to do together is always a good time and this was no different.

We spotted the event on a poster at Schlafly Bottleworks and we were planning to go to Columbia anyway, so we headed to Rocheport instead.

We learned quite a few tidbits about conserving energy, solar cooking, wind turbines, and passive solar. Plus they had beer, wine, and sliced up organic watermelon, cantalope, and peaches for sale. The weather was great and the event was held on some property (vineyard) of Les Bourgeous Winery.

Between some of the presentations there were musical events and at the end was a concert with 4 musicians/bands. We stayed to hear them and were pleasantly surprised by some! The performers were: Robynn Ragland, Leslie Sanazaro, Celia, and The In.

MrL got a few check them out! The funny thing is that Leslie Sanazaro used to sing with a band that we almost went to see, called "So Say We All"....and the funnier thing about that is the band name is something we would say on our Colorado vacation every time we made a decision or all agreed on something!

IMG_0884f - Leslie Sanazaro
Originally uploaded by dehmystic

IMG_0961f - The IN?
Originally uploaded by dehmystic

Awesome Finale Show!

Originally uploaded by dehmystic
Another fab show or two! Yes, we got tickets for both shows at Finale...what else do true fans do?

Even better, the venue manager Drew, hooked us up with a better table for the second show......and we were able to plan ahead and buy tickets for the next Javier Mendoza and Friends show in December!

This night was a late one, we did an after show at C.J. Muggs and closed the place down...good times!

Another night out at Seven Gables...

Originally uploaded by dehmystic
Caught another Javier Mendoza show at Seven Gables. In addition to enjoying the music and wine, we met some nice folks who own the company that, ironically, just finished the masonry work at the new high school addition in our town. Small world!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Lucas School House - Soulard

Originally uploaded by dehmystic
Back again!!! We haven't been back here since Javi's CD Release. The crowd was definitely better tonight!

The venue had brought up the leather seating and created areas for chillin' along with the tables and pews along the sides. Plenty of seating and it wasn't overcrowded.

As the upstairs is inaccessible, MrLacubrious had to "haul ass" up the 2 flights of stairs. Yikes, right after a meal and a few beers! He made it just fine and we got a seat up front so he could get these shots.

The show was great and even included a new song which was awesome! It was also great to see Javi's cousin David De Las Heras. He's going to be joining in on the shows while he is here for two weeks.

--Well, I could elaborate more on the evening but we gotta run and get ready for some Greek food! More later...

Power-ful Show at Brandt's Cafe

Originally uploaded by dehmystic
So here we are again at Brandt's, catching another great Javi show and some great food (they brought back the pear & brie sandwich!!!).

Right after we got our food it got pretty interesting as Brandt's suffered a partial power outage! Actually part of the whole block was out, so they just opened the doors and lit a few more candles and the show went on!

Although, who needs candles when we have Javi's Cordoba pants!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

She Loves Me - Production @ ECC

Originally uploaded by dehmystic
Once again, our resident actress Holly, performed in a college production. This time "She Loves Me"....she was in the ensemble. It was great! Check out all her wardrobe changes!

She Loves Me

Originally uploaded by dehmystic

She Loves Me

Originally uploaded by dehmystic

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Lafayette Park '07

Originally uploaded by dehmystic
So the 6 of us....yep, we're growing the groupies one assimilation at a time,...headed down to Lafayette to catch the full band at the park.

We were ill prepared. BYOB? Chairs? Blankets? Damn, good thing Kurtis and Mr LJ headed out to locate provisions! But did they have to drive all the way to a Schnucks??? There was some debate over that...but the improtant thing is that we got to lay beneath the stars, drink some suds and rock out to JM!

After, we grabbed some mexican grub and went to 1111 for some drinks and to chat with JM and Dave Aholt (piano master).

Great night! A Big Huge THANKS to Kurtis for driving the Big Green Machine so we could all ride together! When is the bar getting installed?!?

One old groupie + One new groupie

Aren't they sweet?! Hangin' out at Lafayette Park!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Jammin' at the Zoo

Originally uploaded by dehmystic
HOT HOT HOT...but the beer was cold!

Here we are at the Zoo, checking out JM with a mix of musicians. I have to say the piano is a great addition. We heard it at Finale previously....and we like it!

We tried a new organic beer, a hefeweizen, and some Amber Bock...all AB products.

Rockin' the animals!

Originally uploaded by dehmystic

Friday, July 13, 2007

Live on the Levee '07

Originally uploaded by dehmystic
Our fab four headed down to catch Javi at Live on the Levee in STL...

Great show, not too hot, slight breeze and dinner at Schlafly's Tap Room afterward. In spite of our grouchy waiter.....the dinner was good.

We then decided that since we were "in the neighborhood" we would check out the Chocolate Bar in Lafayette.....uh...yeah..we thought we knew how to get there! After MrsLJ called them for some assistance...we made it!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Kurtis & Tiphani at Seven Gables

Another Javi evening at Seven Gables in Clayton, MO. This time we had dinner with Kurtis & Tiphani at Seven Gables. Later on MrLacubriousJonez joined us...but not until after he munched on some grub right across the street!!! Even the manager at Seven Gables had a turn at harrassing him...skunky wine, anyone?!

Wine of the evening was a Rosemount Shiraz...

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Kurtis @ The Artisan

IMG_8974f - Kurtis
Originally uploaded by dehmystic


IMG_9002f - Javier
Originally uploaded by dehmystic
You bet! The LacubriousJonezes and Kurtis were along for the ride! Good Times!

IMG_9074f - Dennis
Originally uploaded by dehmystic

Sunday, July 01, 2007

On Top of the World!

Originally uploaded by dehmystic
The picture to the right shows Mr. Lacubrious Jonez playing "On Top of The World" with Carlito for the sound check at the Riverfront Cultural Society in New Haven Mo.

Javi took the stage at 8:00pm. This was an AMAZING show!!! The place was packed! We don't know the exact numbers, but we estimate 100 people in attendance. If you count the people outside dancing in the street, I am sure that it was more like 120!

Another highlight was meeting Trevor Snarr, a friend of Javi's from his Trekking for Kids trip a few years ago. It turns out that Trevor is a part time movie actor who was in the movie Napoleon Dynamite. He played the jock boyfriend of the cheerleader.


Javi and Carl really rocked the place.


The RCS is really a pretty good music venue. Until this show we had only seen it from the outside. We had heard both good and bad things about the place. It is a very "rustic" 80 to 100 year old building with a creaky floor, and no two tables or chairs the same. Although they didn't have a sound guy, Javi managed to figure out the board in no time and the sound through the really nice JBL speakers was incredible. The really cool thing about RCS is that they are a non-for-profit organization that is run strictly by volunteers. You can bring in what ever you want to eat or drink, you only have to pay the cover charge so that the bands, rent, and utilities get paid. The cover for Javi's show was only $7!


We had a lot of friends and family join us including uncle Ed, his friend Rick and Rick's son Josh from Connecticut. In total the Lacubrious Crew brought out eleven guests to the show.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

After Party @ Ciceros

IMG_8539f - IGTBL2
Originally uploaded by dehmystic
Oh, and as if the Microfest wasn't enough.....Javi & Carl played a set at Cicero's. "The Gang" blewout of the Microfest at 6:30ish and headed on down to Cicero's restaurant for some dinner / drinks / discussion and managed to kill a couple of hours before heading into the venue.

We all agreed that this was one of the best Cicero's shows. The sound was not too loud, the crowd was into it, and it was a great vibe. A kind of clearing away of old, bad memories of the place for us! Right on!

After the show Javi & Oscar were headed back to watch the recorded Real Madrid Soccer Game.....MrLacubrious evily hinted at knowing the score which brought about bodily injury threats from Javi and Spanish profanity from Oscar....all in good fun!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Javi at the MicroFest

Originally uploaded by dehmystic
If you look closely, you can see the photog taking the picture... I thought I was far enough to right that I would escape the reflection. WRONG!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Microfest 2007!

Microfest fun!

Originally uploaded by dehmystic
Mark down another successful outing for the Lacubrious Crew! Although it was NOT the same without Kurtis, we made the best of it. MrsLacubriousJones hooked us up with the tickets to the St. Louis Microfest in Forest Park. Just so happens Javier Mendoza was playing in the afternoon, hmmm, how is that for planning?

It was also an opportunity for LacubriousToo to get in some camera time with his GIANT rental lens. He’s been yearning for an IS (image stabilized lens), they are pricey, but he found a great place that will “rent” you one via mail order. He got it this week! So this event was a prime opportunity to try it out.

Around 1:30 –ish we headed down to the event. We had a little trouble navigating due to the heavy construction in Forest Park. Yes, oh yes, MrLacubriousJones made at least one Q-turn! We finally found the upper Muny parking lot and headed to the registration booth to get signed in. We signed away our rights (waiver) and showed our ID’s, got our wrist bands and little sample glasses and we were off!

We tried “several” varieties of beer. Some we had tried before, others were new to us. Nothing really knocked our socks off (what socks?!) but I have to say that the Blackberry Wheat was pretty refreshing on a warm summer day. Once we were pickled, we headed off to find Javi and the gang. They were all chillin’ under the shade trees waiting to get into the small metal box, err I mean “stage”.

The gang this time around was Javi, Carl, Moises, and Bill. They were great, although there were some power and sound issues. Sometimes the quality of sound at these outdoor events leaves a lot to be desired. At one point the whole system cut out right in the middle of Blood in the Water….when it came back on, Javi just picked it up from where he left off!

The whole thing was over by 6pm, so we packed up our crew and headed down to Cicero’s for some dinner…….and to wait for Javi & Carl who were performing a 45 minute set that night. They were opening up for the Fundamental Elements. It sounded great, LacubriousToo got some great photos.

We ended the evening our usual way…..grabbing some coffee at Starbucks on the way home. Good times!!!

Javier at the MicroFest!

Originally uploaded by dehmystic

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Cinco de Mayo y Feliz Cumpleanos a mi Madre!

IMG_7834f - Javi
Originally uploaded by dehmystic.
Well, it was a full day to say the least, what with Cinco de Mayo AND LacubriousOneMom's birthday! We treated Mom to dinner at Growlers, meeting LacubriousKurtis (can you say platanos? Oh no you didn't!), and a Javi concert at Finale! Good times!

We were graciously joined at the Javi concert by several extended "psycho fan" family and friends...Bill, Lisa, Darrell, Sherrie, David, Carrie, and Mary. A total of 12 in all at the 7:30 concert and 7 repeats at the 9:30 concert! WAY TO REPRESENT!

I should mention that we saw some new Javi-friends (Amy Harper) and some long-time-no-see Javi friends (Amy & Tom James). Also, we were recognized from the CD release party by some people at a neighboring table who happen to be coordinating entertainment at Creve Coeur Days, where Javi will be playing this month. We got a personal invite to check out the shows!

Good times never-ending, we headed out to a local bar after the concerts to meet up with Javi, a couple of band members, the Lacubrious crew, and Oscar, a friend of Javi's visiting from Barcelona. Good thing Mom caught a ride home with Darrell! Can you say Starbucks at 1am? WE CAN!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Pageant.....but this weren't no Miss America.

IMG_7514f - Javier Mendoza
Originally uploaded by dehmystic.
Last minute invites to a catholic school fundraiser at The Pageant brought us out on a Sunday. Javi sent us an email at 1am saying he put our names on "the list". The Jonez's could not make it, but LacubriousToo's Bro, Dougins, rode down with us and got to enjoy the show! I tried to sneak him in on Kurtis's ticket, but nothin doin'! They were checking photo ID's! Javi saved us by adding a name to guest list at the box office!

Anyhow, it was great to see Javi and the guys (Dennis, Carl, and Logan) heat up the stage with all the new songs, plus Rococco! The people sitting next to us were duly impressed...all our braggin had to help!

It was also great to see Javi's Dad and Mom (Carlos & Ana) at the show.

Nosh Place: Penn Station Drink of the night: Amber Bock

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Breaking the sound barrier!!!

IMG_7164f - Honda Goldwing 1800
Originally uploaded by dehmystic.
I took a VERY exhilarating ride with my brother on his Goldwing 1800.

What do I MEAN by exhilarating you ask????

Well lets just say that I used my adrenaline reserves for the next six months!!!

At one point the speedometer read 125!!!!

All I can say is HOLY SHIT!!!!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Saturday afternoon at Blumenhof

IMG_7066f - Steve Leslie
Originally uploaded by dehmystic.
Myself, Lacubriousone, and her mom spent a great afternoon sipping wine, eating cheese, and listening Steve.

The weather was perfect!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Quote of the Day...

This is a quote from a freelance writer whose blog I read and who happens to have a book coming out in a couple of weeks….I thought it was fitting for what some members of my family are going through.

“It is important to recognize that how you live your life and how you embrace your experiences, regardless of what those experiences might bring, is always a choice, and that no one has control over how you react to these experiences other than you. You can choose to get bogged down in misery or you can choose to find a way to crawl out of it.”

--Allison Winn Scotch

Monday, April 16, 2007

Javi - Rockin' out at Brandt's

Originally uploaded by dehmystic.
Caught another Javi show at Brandt's. He was accompanied by Carl and Eric.

Brandt's Cafe

Originally uploaded by dehmystic.
Another great night out at Brandt's Cafe. Plus we got to meet a new friend, Amy. She's a long time friend of Javi's bass player Eric and 5 years from retiring from school teaching. We're looking forward to seeing her again at Finale.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Erato Wine Bar - Date Night

Okay, so no one wanted to go out the night before Easter with us, so LacubriousToo and I headed down to the city on our own! We grabbed a bite at Qdoba then coffee from Starbucks (no-decaf, late night that it was to be) and drove down to the Erato Wine Bar on Grand Ave.

As usual, Javi was performing! Eric Grossman and Carl Glad joined him and it was a great show. We also got to see Javi's sis-in-law, Jane! She was in town from SF to see the family. Those of you who follow the blog will remember her as "Sweet Jane Jane" the keyboard player from Javi's alter-ego project Sun Motel. And as if that weren't enough, Javi's other sis-in-law was in town from England and recalled how we had met just last year at Brandt's Cafe. I apologize, I can't recall her name just now!

L-Too and I split a couple of bottles of Spanish wine (Codice) and a fab cheese plate (Machego, Chevre, St Andrews) over the course of the evening. Yum!

I think we headed home around 1:30am, grabbed a latte on the way! All in all, a very pleasant evening!

L-Too should be posting photos on flickr sometime soon!

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Javier Mendoza - CD Release Show!

IMG_6491f - Javier
Originally uploaded by dehmystic.
Good times! We got quite a few new fans to join us at Lucas School House for the concert.

The only complaint was that too many people in the crowd were talking (loudly) through the show! Hello, go downstairs if you want to gab, we're hear to see Javi!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Long-Time-No-See Friends

Originally uploaded by dehmystic.
During our trip to Colorado, the not-so-die-hards took a day off from the slopes and drove and hour or so from Breck to see some old friends and former Unionites! Duke & Tami! They live in Salida and we haven't seen them in a couple of years. We met, did lunch, took a stroll around town, then grabbed a couple of beers and some talking-talking-talking before heading back in time to pick up the hardcore-skiers. It was great to see them and we really need to get together more often so we can swap travel stories!

Breckenridge, Colorado - More of The Year to Try New Things!

We came.
We learned.
We conquered the mountain.

...or at least that one green run

...and definitely not the lift (oh, how it vexed me!)

But a couple of bruises and one sprained ankle do not a wussy make!

Here's some photos to tie everyone over....thanks to Kurtis our videographer for the trip.

More verbiage to follow!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Cusco by night

Cusco by night
Originally uploaded by * Click-Clack-Kodak ! *.
After listening to Javi's new song "Night in Cusco", I wondered, what does Cusco Peru look like at night?

I did a Flickr search and found about 500 night shots!

Here is a picture to give you an idea what it looks like. If you click the picture it will take you to the respective Flickr stream of the photographer.

Thanks to my fellow Flickr members for making their images available!