Sunday, December 09, 2007


I was talking to our friend Kurtis about how angry we've been lately. Angry that is, when it comes to going to evening classes for our Business Management degree, or studying, or working on projects. Fits of anger overtake us and spill into other areas of our life. We wake up grumpy, shout at the other drivers on the way to work each morning, get snippy with people at work, and generally become unpleasant to be around. Kurtis enlightened us, saying "It's probably been awhile for you too, but it sounds like you have a classic case of Senioritis!" But of course! Thanks to Kurtis for putting a name to our disorder!

This week we are finishing a term that, for me, included the two 8-week classes from CMU plus a 16-week accounting class from ECC. I have only two classes to go and L-Too has three. We'll be done May 8th!

Graduation is not formally until August '08. We are still not sure whether we are going to participate in it. I hear you have to pay the $75 grad fee either way, so maybe we should just do it. L-Too just wants to go so they have to build a ramp! Ha!

Then again, it would be a reason to have a little get together with family and friends, plus L-Too's b-day is around the same time! Happy Birthday Graduation Party, anyone!?!

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