Sunday, May 29, 2011

Vacation Pics

DH is going through and processing all the pics today! Here are a few that were on my phone:


Towel animal!

Funky deck shots:

DH kickin it on deck 12:

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Vacation Day 5

St. Maartin!

We all met on deck 0 around 10:30 to head onto St. Maarten! We got on a water taxi to get over to the shopping and beach area. The people were awesome and helped carry DH, chair and all onto the boat. Pics to follow...

We rented beach chairs and umbrellas and basically chilled for hours, spending lots of time in the water. DH and I applied SPF 70 and 100 but still got crispy!

I think I liked St Maarten better than St Thomas as it seemed more geared to chillaxin! Both are beautiful though.

In the afternoon we split up and did some shopping, me and Stephanie, Darrin and John, and Dawn and Steve but we struggled to find each other afterward! There was about 30 minutes of chaos but we all ended up back on the ship on time!

We then crashed in our room for 4 hours after rinsing all the sand off, and assessing our burns...

Recharged we headed to the Lido deck for the laser show, live music, deck party and the Mexican buffet...que bueno! Stephanie, Dawn, Steve, and us all grabbed a table and chilled. John was in the casino winning money.

I forgot to take my phone so this post will be updated later with pics from the cameras!!!

Vacation Day 6

Fun day at Sea!

Well, we had a late night and didn't get back til 1am!

So we've slept in!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day 4

St. Thomas!

Sapphire Beach! DH taking a dip!

Vacation - Day 3

Today was "Fun Day at Sea" as we traveled toward St. Thomas.

Slept in today and DH has a rough morning but recovered by 1pm. I spent the morning walking the Panorama deck and sunning there for a hour or so...yeah SPF 70 sunscreen!

Then DH and I grabbed a salad, roamed Panorama deck, bought some tshirts, then grabbed some lounge chairs on the shady side and read our books or dozed until 5-ish.

Dinner at 8:15!

Vacation - Day 2

We got up and were grabbing breakfast by 9am, then headed out to Nassau....where we ran into Dawn and Steve! Took some pics! Then we wandered a bit and headed back to the ship (it was so hot)!

We were gonna meet Dawn and Steve in the Serenity bar/deck but then ended up elsewhere, so DH and I grabbed a cool shaded lounger and some frou frou drinks and killed the afternoon up there just chillin!


Leaving Nassau!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Vacation Day 1

Not so bright but an early start this morning! Met at our friends house at 4:30am to make our 7:30 flight to Orlando.

Flight ran ahead if schedule and we landed at 9:30cst / 10:30est! Grabbed our bags and called for our limo.

Made a quick Walgreens stop for supplies and headed to the ship!

More to follow...

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Baby's doing okay. Her energy level is good and we are back to taking more walks. She's still hungry at times but nothing like she was.

I took this pic tonight after our walk with Ivy.

Her prescription refill is due tomorrow...she's just about through her 1st 30 days on Trilostane (Vetoryl) and so far so good!

Monday, May 16, 2011


World's largest suitcase (in our world anyhow) is packed!!! *Yes, that's a quarter balanced on "Big Bart"!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Update on Baby

Baby had her ACTH Stim test on May 3rd.

ACTH stim results:
Pre 2.7. (8 hours post Trilostane)
Post 5.6

No change in dosage at this time. Vet says Baby is just where we want her!

We will retest at 30 day treatment mark, including a panel to recheck liver enzymes and see if those numbers are getting closer to normal.

Gonna board her and Ivy while we are on vacation so I gotta type up instructions and contact numbers for the kennel staff! I'm a little anxious about leaving her but she seems very stable at this point so it will be fine. Ivy will be just fine too!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Baby (and Ivy) Steps

Took BOTH my girls on a walk tonight! They were so well behaved. No fighting!