Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Weird Requests

Today's weird request...Graph Paper...Yes folks, a user asked the I.T. department if there was a a way to generate their own graph paper. Holy hand grenades I guess they need to do their geometry homework!

Anyhow, we considered trying to do it in a spreadsheet program by making all the cells square but being lazy I instead googled "pdf of graph paper" and voila found this site: which lets you configure and generate a pdf sheet of graph paper!

Friday, May 15, 2009

It's Friday, it's Friday...

So the last two weeks have been pretty hellish at work, new server migrations and new phone system plus everything that pops up in correlation to those major changes, plus the day to day stuff and not to mention the failing electrical breakers and it all leads to 60 hour work is taking it's toll. I can't complain at the moment though as I'm sipping vodka tonics and watching DH bowl a bit. Finally getting a bit of a breather. My brain is mushy.

I'm looking forward to next week, my cousin's high school graduation and visiting relatives, plus a Cardinals game...let's hope for superb weather!

Monday, May 11, 2009

2009 MSUSBC Women's Championship - Results & League Results

I didn't blog much about the Missouri State Bowling tournament that I attended with my bowling team from ATI. I think I've been waiting until the final results are out, which they are! We had a great time shopping, eating out, drinking, relaxing AND BOWLING!

The unofficial final results of our team/doubles/singles events follows.

Team Rank (ATI - Div 4): 23rd out of 141, scratch 2144
Doubles Rank (Me and LS - Div 5): 52nd out of 164, scratch 798
Singles Rank (Me - Div 5): 181st out of 458, scratch 396

I have no idea if there is going to be any payout from these scores. A few other team members scored really well in their singles events. All in all bowling NINE GAMES in two days was rough on our old bones, but fun!

We had a pretty good season in our Wednesday Ladies League, coming in 9th the first half and 6th the second half of the season. I placed 26th out of the top 30 handicap spots, and several other players from our team also placed. I walked away with $90, not too shabby considering it's my first year bowling and I really did not expect much!

During one of the last weeks of league I bowled a 140 which at the time was 50 points over my average. This qualified me for the 50 Pins and Over Tournament on May 9th. I didn't think I would bother, but DH convinced me and I called up another team member who also qualified and she showed up too. We paid $15 to enter and along with about 40 other bowlers competed to get the highest pins over average. I placed 3rd with 76 pins over my league average of 93 and my teammate placed 2nd with 115 over her league average. I got $28 for my trouble!

It was fun and a couple of the other bowlers in our group gave me some suggestions after watching me bowl. They were surprised that I was doing so well for my first year of bowling.

I've got some tendon pain that I've been living with that needs to heal before I do too much more bowling. I'm planning to take the summer off from leagues to heal and simply practice for next season.


Our Azaleas are blooming! These were planted last November, and fertilized this year. I can't believe the number of blooms on them. I'm so glad we had the landscaping work done. The front of the house is much prettier now.

Mom's 60th

Well, we got together and threw Mom a surprise 60th birthday party. We rented the Hawthorne banquet center and I secretly contact her coworkers, church friends, and the family and we successfully surprised her. DH took some photos which you can check out on his flickr site.

Above is the photo board I put together for the party. It was hard to narrow down the photos to use. I scanned them into the computer and DH cleaned them up and rotated and cropped, then we had them sent to walgreens for printing. It was fun to look at and see how Mom's hair had changed...many, many times!

Below are the black and silver gift bags that I used as table decorations. I glued a photo of Mom to each side and stuffed them with tissue paper, weighted down with a can of tuna and we tied black and white balloons to each one.

I'll post more photos if I can get DH to release his iron grip on them!