Sunday, August 20, 2006

Long Birthday Weekend - LacubriousToo Turns 40!

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What a great weekend!!!

It all started on Thursday night when after receiving an email from Steve Leslie LacubriousOne and I decided to go to Helen Fitzgerald's with Uncle Ed. It was a great evening! The band sounded great! It was a little rough getting up for work Friday morning but well worth it.

Friday evening we headed down to the the Zoo with the Lacubrious Jonzes and our good friend Kurtis to see Javi's first show after getting back from Spain. We were running a bit late and only got to see the last half of the show, but did get to talk to Javi, Carl, and Julie for a bit before we went looking for dinner.

Saturday morning I went down to the with my friend Bill. We hit Dave & Busters for a while and then went to the Mills to eat lunch at Tony Roma's. GREAT BBQ!!. On the way home something strange happened, we were talking about winerys as we drove down hwy 94, when Bill decided to turn into Balducci to check out the view. When we rounded the corner at the top of the hill THERE WAS LACUBRIOUSONE!!!! Turns out my trip with Bill was a carefully crafted plot to get me to Balcucci for a surprise party! The party was GREAT! I will put up more pictures ASAP.

A big thanks to everyone for coming and an even bigger thanks to my wonderful wife LacubriousOne for making this a birthday I will never forget.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Steve Leslie at Helen Fitzgerald's

Steve Leslie at Helen Fitzgerald's Angle
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Thursday night we went the see Steve play his first booking at Helen Fitzgeralds. Thanks again Ed for giving us a ride. This was the first evening of my LOOOONG birthday weekend. More on that to follow.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Steve Leslie on CBS Early Show!!!

Our friend Steve Leslie is now competing in the second round of the Living Room LIVE! contest.
So please click the link and support Steve by VOTING!
(located on the left side of the page about half way down)

UPDATE: The winner of this round (Final Round 2) will be announced Friday morning.

Final Update - Well we made a good effort, but when you go up against someone with literally thousands of MySpace friends, you just can't click fast enough.... Sorry Steve....