Sunday, September 30, 2007

Boston - Day 1

Beer Sampler
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The entire Lacubrious Crew headed to Boston for our fall vacation. The Jonez's can only stay until Sunday, but the Lacurbrious's will be heading to CT for a few days, anyhoo.......

Day 1 - We landed, picked up the car and headed onto the Mass Pike to get to Framingham to our hotel. We made it after only one mishap on the Pike, can you say I-93, I thought you could. And then can say, "Helloe Mr Tollbooth guy, can you please direct me BACK to I-90?" I thought you could...

After checking in and grabbing some sandwich grub at D'Angelos, a local sub chain, we got directions from my cousin Lena so we could head to her house for a super quick visit with my Aunt Ruthe, and a longer visit with my cousin and her kids.

We stayed long enough that she finally recommended a brew pub where we could get some dinner and corralled her family together to join us! We went to John Harvard's in Framingham....tasty goodness and beer abounded!

Anniversary Weekend - No Not Pagan Pride Day...That's Tomorrow

IMG_0828f - Robynn Ragland
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Mr. Lacubrious and I headed into Columbia to celebrate our 17th wedding anniversary by attending the Renewable Energy Expo. Now I know that may not sound very romantic, but anything we get to do together is always a good time and this was no different.

We spotted the event on a poster at Schlafly Bottleworks and we were planning to go to Columbia anyway, so we headed to Rocheport instead.

We learned quite a few tidbits about conserving energy, solar cooking, wind turbines, and passive solar. Plus they had beer, wine, and sliced up organic watermelon, cantalope, and peaches for sale. The weather was great and the event was held on some property (vineyard) of Les Bourgeous Winery.

Between some of the presentations there were musical events and at the end was a concert with 4 musicians/bands. We stayed to hear them and were pleasantly surprised by some! The performers were: Robynn Ragland, Leslie Sanazaro, Celia, and The In.

MrL got a few check them out! The funny thing is that Leslie Sanazaro used to sing with a band that we almost went to see, called "So Say We All"....and the funnier thing about that is the band name is something we would say on our Colorado vacation every time we made a decision or all agreed on something!

IMG_0884f - Leslie Sanazaro
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IMG_0961f - The IN?
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Awesome Finale Show!

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Another fab show or two! Yes, we got tickets for both shows at Finale...what else do true fans do?

Even better, the venue manager Drew, hooked us up with a better table for the second show......and we were able to plan ahead and buy tickets for the next Javier Mendoza and Friends show in December!

This night was a late one, we did an after show at C.J. Muggs and closed the place down...good times!

Another night out at Seven Gables...

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Caught another Javier Mendoza show at Seven Gables. In addition to enjoying the music and wine, we met some nice folks who own the company that, ironically, just finished the masonry work at the new high school addition in our town. Small world!