Saturday, February 25, 2006

Spain Trip Preparations Volume 1

#1 Decide to Go
#2 Pick a date
#3 Book Flight / Hotel
#4 RENEW Passports!!!

Check out our mug shots from our original passports! Oh, we were so young...and adorable ...well maybe that is a bit of a stretch!

Check out those bangs!!!

Wow, you have bangs too!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

My Aunt is famous!!!

The following information was broadcast on the HGTV Series, "The Carol Duvall Show. Do these look familiar????????????

Colorful fabric ornaments were sent in by Joanne Szakal of Gerald, Mo., that looked like two-inch yo-yos but they weren't...quite. Actually Joanne started by cutting fabric circles and stitching round the outside edge of each one but when she pulled the thread to gather the stitching she first inserted a two-inch cardboard circle. After knotting and cutting the thread she added a colorful sticker or decorated cardboard circle to cover the rough edges. They were very festive.