Thursday, April 28, 2005


What did you say!? So we're out for our Wednesday night dinner with the Jonez's...heading to Eureka. MrsJonez or should I say MrsJonexxx, expresses her opionion about the new exit ramp...only that's not what we heard! And thus the tone for the evening was set!

We had dinner at Rich & Charlie's - sans pitchers!!! What is UP with certain establishments not having pitchers. It ought to be a law...You server beer on draught, you serve it in pitchers too! For the economy drinker it is a must...

We were all wayyy too excited for this weekend....another jaunt to Columbia to see out latest craze - Javier Mendoza. Solo (we think) at the Cherry Street Artisan. Only to add to the fun Dave is meeting us down there!!! We can always use an additional personality in our little mix of helps to dilute those more intense personalities...who shall remain unnamed at this time!!!