Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Poetry Tuesday

Inspired by my evening...

Never say die!
For as long as I have breath
I'll thread the eye
And sew on the heads
Of the chew toys that lie.

On the ground in a heap
Fuzzy filling at my feet
Doggy slobber not so sweet
Sew the holes, then repeat.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Introducing Ivy!

This is her younger picture from HALO:

Yes, it says Heidi which is what they named her but we wanted to change it. We kicked around Cissy, since she's Baby's new sis but that just didn't fit. Ivy sounds like Heidi so we're going to try that.

Friday, November 12, 2010

New Fav!

And it's currently on tap at Dewey's Pizza!

Saturday, November 06, 2010

End of DST

The End of Daylight Savings
By Melville Cane

When I was rich in April
They robbed me of an hour,
But, having many, many,
It was plucking one flower,
Or stealing one penny.

Brooks poured fast,
Flowers pushed thickly,
Hours slid past,—
All too quickly.

But brooks drain thin,
Flowers dry seedy,
Light draws in,
Now I'm needy.

The thief must have learned it
And, giving no warning,
Mysteriously returned it
One crisp morning.

When I was rich in April
Before the early leaves,
Long before this ditty,
I never thought of thieves,
Or that thieves felt pity.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sweet San Diego

Last Full Day...

Low key last full day here in SD. Headed over to Mission Beach hoping the rain would stay away. It did...for awhile.

Finally, got to dip my toes in the Pacific!

Then it poured! We got totally soaked on our way back to the condo and violated the laundry room sharing schedule...oh no! Yes, but we had to get our clothes dry before tomorrow's flight. I'm using a hair dryer on my tennis shoes!

So we're just gonna veg today...ate the leftover pancakes and will have the leftover pizza for dinner. Get everything packed up, got a flight back to reality at 9:10am.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Ocean Beach / Coronado

Super laaaate start today, again! Going back to work is going to suck!

Luckily the weather is holding so we headed over to Ocean Beach for a long walk on a long pier.

Felt like a Sunday so why not have a late breakfast at the rustic cafe on the pier?

Blueberry pancakes and a breakfast sandwich for DH. Yum!

It was getting late so we plotted a course to Coronado Island with plans to hang out until dark to get some nighttime skyline shots.

Had to take a day shot first!

Then drink some beer, called my Mom to check on her and Baby, and waited for darkness.

These pics do not do it justice! It was so crisp and clear...check out DH's Flickr Site for some great shots!

By now we're hungry so we grabbed another beer and some pie at Village Pizza.

Some cheesy iPhone pics of the little shopping/restaurant area.

Plus a few more pics of DH on the Coronado Pier...

Oh yeah, one of my fav things about San Diego...no smoking in parks or on beaches y'all!!!

So everyone can breathe easier!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

La Jolla, California

Late start today but good sleeping weather...

Uneventful drive just a short way North today to La Jolla. There was a renewable energy fair at the park and great views of the coast.

We ambled along the walk until we got hungry. Fish tacos for me! Yum!

Pizza for DH. Then we headed to the sea wall for a better view of the harbor seals!

No, not at the zoo! These Sea Lions were just hanging by the shore!

This harbor seal was looking right at us!

All that salty air and wind did us in so we headed back to freshen up before going ocean side for some food.
We hit Robertos Taco place for tamales and a giant burrito! Sorry no pics too hungry!

Mas fotos

Check out more photos at my Flickr site.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Julian, California

Late start today, must be the sea air!

Today's agenda was to find the sun and since it wasn't coming to us we decided to drive inland. I had read about Julian on a San Diego tourism site and at a mere 67 miles away it seemed like a good choice.

Thankfully, about 20 miles into the trip we saw sunny hillsides!

After a lunch stop and snack run we found the turnoff for route 79 which is Cali's answer to our Hwy 94. Twisty curving back country roads, but the scenery was awesome!

It seemed like it took forever to get to the town but it was packed with people! It was crazy with horse drawn carriage rides, several restaurants, bakeries selling apple pies, a cemetery tour, antiques & more. It reminded us of Hermann, Mo.

Two miles further down the road we stumbled on Menghini Winery where we tasted 3 whites and 3 reds, bought a souvenir tasting glass and a bottle of their Merlot. And, talk about a small world; we ran into a woman from St.Charles, Missouri plus discovered the winery tanks were made by Zero Mfg of Washington, Missouri!

The trip back was speedy, but cloudy as we bid adieu to the sun.

Dinner plans are up in the air...maybe fish tacos at the beach!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Point Loma, California

Today we drove out to Cabrillo National Monument at Point Loma. Expansive views! Submarines! Helicopters! Lighthouses! Oh my! DH was not digging the heights at first but acclimated pretty quickly and got some cool pictures.

Here are my iPhone pics of the monument and cloudy vistas:

Cabrillo National Monument, established in 1913, commemorates Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo's voyage of discovery as the First European to reach the West Coast on September 28, 1542.

After visiting the monument we took another road towards Point Loma and even though the cloud cover was thick we got some nice cliff pictures.

By this point we were starving and wind burned and pooped! We booked it back to the condo then headed out to the Mission Beach oceanside for some beer and food...

Stuffed Mahi Mahi in saffron sauce and mashers for me!

A brisk walk along the beach ended the evening on a great note!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mission Bay Condo

Really enjoying the spacious condo here on Mission Bay. Close to everything and actually in a quiet area. It's on the 3rd floor and the place has a little, oldish elevator reminiscent of the one we used at our hotel in Madrid, Spain.

The building is older as are many in the area. It's amazing to me the number of buildings crammed so close together but with varying architecture and style.

Dining area...

Our view!

Kitchen, galley style...

Master Bedroom...

Spare bedroom...

Pacific Beach / Mission Beach

Thick, gray clouds obscured the sunrise that I was hoping to catch when I woke at 6:15am PDT. Booh. So I kept company with a cup of coffee, an English muffin and some cut up pineapple just enjoying the quiet.

When DH woke up we slowly got ourselves ready and headed out! We walked along Mission Bay then crossed over to the ocean side and walked all the way to Pacific Beach. It was awesome, all concrete paths and we could just go on for miles!

Here's a photo of Crystal Pier. It's got little blue and white cottages right on the pier that you can rent (6 months ahead of time)!

So cute! We walked the entire pier and DH got some photos & video of some surfers. Look for them in an upcoming post.

Here's the lifeguard station at Mission Beach where we plan to check-out a beach wheelchair for DH tomorrow. Totally free of charge courtesy of their Parks Department!

Had a tasty lunch at the North Shore Cafe just across the street from there. Here's DH recharging from our trek.

All in all it's been great! Just need the sun to come out!!! Please!

Anyhow, I'm writing from the cool, breezy balcony of our condo listening to the Belmont roller coaster which we can see just a block away! More later!