Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pacific Beach / Mission Beach

Thick, gray clouds obscured the sunrise that I was hoping to catch when I woke at 6:15am PDT. Booh. So I kept company with a cup of coffee, an English muffin and some cut up pineapple just enjoying the quiet.

When DH woke up we slowly got ourselves ready and headed out! We walked along Mission Bay then crossed over to the ocean side and walked all the way to Pacific Beach. It was awesome, all concrete paths and we could just go on for miles!

Here's a photo of Crystal Pier. It's got little blue and white cottages right on the pier that you can rent (6 months ahead of time)!

So cute! We walked the entire pier and DH got some photos & video of some surfers. Look for them in an upcoming post.

Here's the lifeguard station at Mission Beach where we plan to check-out a beach wheelchair for DH tomorrow. Totally free of charge courtesy of their Parks Department!

Had a tasty lunch at the North Shore Cafe just across the street from there. Here's DH recharging from our trek.

All in all it's been great! Just need the sun to come out!!! Please!

Anyhow, I'm writing from the cool, breezy balcony of our condo listening to the Belmont roller coaster which we can see just a block away! More later!

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