Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Ok, so we are in San Diego and what's the first thing we notice at the condo? This! WTF?!

Notice it says Mystic Seaport Museum across the bottom. This is just all kinds of freaky.

Here's why....on several levels:

1. The Charles W. Morgan was what we named one of our coffee drinks when we owned the coffee house. It was a breve latte, flavored with chocolate, caramel, and praline syrup. Very popular. So when I see that name I think of that drink.

2. I travel halfway across the country to the WEST coast only to find a poster referencing a seaport and ship on the EAST coast.

3. Said seaport and ship, which I visited personally this same time of year not 2 years ago! Most notably AFTER said coffee shop/drink naming.

So ok, it's just weird for ME....and LacubriousToo.

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Big Ez said...

I believe it was two years ago wasn't it? Regardless it is freaky..