Monday, October 18, 2010

Ocean Beach / Coronado

Super laaaate start today, again! Going back to work is going to suck!

Luckily the weather is holding so we headed over to Ocean Beach for a long walk on a long pier.

Felt like a Sunday so why not have a late breakfast at the rustic cafe on the pier?

Blueberry pancakes and a breakfast sandwich for DH. Yum!

It was getting late so we plotted a course to Coronado Island with plans to hang out until dark to get some nighttime skyline shots.

Had to take a day shot first!

Then drink some beer, called my Mom to check on her and Baby, and waited for darkness.

These pics do not do it justice! It was so crisp and clear...check out DH's Flickr Site for some great shots!

By now we're hungry so we grabbed another beer and some pie at Village Pizza.

Some cheesy iPhone pics of the little shopping/restaurant area.

Plus a few more pics of DH on the Coronado Pier...

Oh yeah, one of my fav things about San smoking in parks or on beaches y'all!!!

So everyone can breathe easier!

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