Sunday, August 19, 2007

Lucas School House - Soulard

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Back again!!! We haven't been back here since Javi's CD Release. The crowd was definitely better tonight!

The venue had brought up the leather seating and created areas for chillin' along with the tables and pews along the sides. Plenty of seating and it wasn't overcrowded.

As the upstairs is inaccessible, MrLacubrious had to "haul ass" up the 2 flights of stairs. Yikes, right after a meal and a few beers! He made it just fine and we got a seat up front so he could get these shots.

The show was great and even included a new song which was awesome! It was also great to see Javi's cousin David De Las Heras. He's going to be joining in on the shows while he is here for two weeks.

--Well, I could elaborate more on the evening but we gotta run and get ready for some Greek food! More later...

Power-ful Show at Brandt's Cafe

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So here we are again at Brandt's, catching another great Javi show and some great food (they brought back the pear & brie sandwich!!!).

Right after we got our food it got pretty interesting as Brandt's suffered a partial power outage! Actually part of the whole block was out, so they just opened the doors and lit a few more candles and the show went on!

Although, who needs candles when we have Javi's Cordoba pants!