Sunday, April 30, 2006

Columbia - It's all relative!

So we headed out for breakfast/brunch/lunch and decided to hit the Main Squeeze organic foods restaurant - we noshed on some good organic grub which gave us a good start to our day. Then we haded next door to Lakota Coffee. A pretty cool coffee joint that we had yet to check out! While we were there, MrJonezes sister (from Omaha) called and happened to be passing through Columbia. So we gave her directions and she met us at the coffee shop. Some shots of the inside of the shop:

He looks suspicious!

State of Affairs

Part of the reason for heading to Columbia was to catch my cousin Holly at her State Choir Competition. She sounded great! Unfortunately, she had to rush out after her performances in order to make it to her Prom Night at Owensville High School!

Shakespeare’s Pizza

It’a ll relative continues with dinner at Shakespeare’s where Mr.Lacubrious' brother and girlfriend (Doug & Joyce) met up with us. We pigged out on some great pizza and then headed over to the Cherry Street Artisan to catch Javier Mendoza….once again!

...more photos to follow....I left the camera cable at the hotel....doh!!!!

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Shakespeare's and the Artisan a great evening!

Shakespeare's before the show.
Pizza, cheese garlic bread, and great time was had by all!

We are slowly getting better with the new camera. Javi's shows are a great opportunity to practice shooting in low light. We orderd a new 55-200mm zoom lens, can't wait to try it out.

I think Javi is coming down with an extreme case of guitar face!

Friday, April 28, 2006

Columbia Part Tres? or is it Cuatro? here we are, the Jonezes and Us back in Columbia, Mo! We are here for two reasons, or is it three?! My cousin Holly has a state singing competition on Sauturday afternoon, Javier Mendoza is playing here on Saturday night, and Flat Branch Brewery!

It is 8:34pm on Friday night and we are listening to "Trash Bag Birdie" a song being played by Joni Laurence at the Cherry Street Artisan. We got a late start to Columbia today (My bad! damn Cingular and their slow-&^% service) , but we got here with enough time to hit Flat Branch for some of our favorite beer (which we have been seriously lacking lately!) Irish Red, and also some of their Spicy Mustard - yum! Also they had a new appetizer of Champaginhklshklfs mushrooms, which MrsJonez and I shared (yum!). Also some new menu items...I tried the spinach artichoke chevre lasagne....had to get it simply for the chevre (goat cheese). It was delicious!

So after all that we headed to Cherry Street Artisan Coffee Bar for some after dinner drinks and take in the music of said, Joni Laurence. Tomorrow is Holly Szakal at Townsend Hall, and then Javier Mendoza back here at the Artisan. We are looking forward to it!

Estoy cansada! Buenos Noches! 37 dias hasta Espana!!!!!

Map to Townsend Hall:

Say Cheese!!!

On our way out of town we spotted this little guy by the curb on Independence Dr.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Sunmotel at Cicero's

Yet another “school night” out with the Jonzes. The plan was to eat at Cicero's and catch both Sunmotel and The Upright Animals. As usual at Cicero's the show started late and another act was added up front. By the time Sunmotel played, it was after 11:00 and there was still one more band before TUA, so we decided to call it a night. One of the cool surprises of the evening was that both Sunmotel and TUA were being video taped for a show on Charter Cable in St. Louis called The Set.


Sweet Jane Jane - Korg
T Kowolsky - Guitar and Vocals
LD Wiggles - Bass and Vocals
Donovan Fantastic - Drums and Vocals

This "T Kowolsky" fellow looks familiar.
I think I know him from somewhere....

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Blumenhoff on a Beautiful Day!

Mr&MrsLacubrious took off on this most pleasant afternoon to see Steve Leslie at Blumenhoff Winery and get the scoop on his upcoming CD Release. Turns out the CD Release Party is on May 6th.

Steve sang quite a few songs from the upcoming new album...

Steve's reaction when we told him that we would be out of town on that day!