Sunday, April 30, 2006

Columbia - It's all relative!

So we headed out for breakfast/brunch/lunch and decided to hit the Main Squeeze organic foods restaurant - we noshed on some good organic grub which gave us a good start to our day. Then we haded next door to Lakota Coffee. A pretty cool coffee joint that we had yet to check out! While we were there, MrJonezes sister (from Omaha) called and happened to be passing through Columbia. So we gave her directions and she met us at the coffee shop. Some shots of the inside of the shop:

He looks suspicious!

State of Affairs

Part of the reason for heading to Columbia was to catch my cousin Holly at her State Choir Competition. She sounded great! Unfortunately, she had to rush out after her performances in order to make it to her Prom Night at Owensville High School!

Shakespeare’s Pizza

It’a ll relative continues with dinner at Shakespeare’s where Mr.Lacubrious' brother and girlfriend (Doug & Joyce) met up with us. We pigged out on some great pizza and then headed over to the Cherry Street Artisan to catch Javier Mendoza….once again!

...more photos to follow....I left the camera cable at the hotel....doh!!!!


Anonymous said...

A big thanks to the Entire "Society" for coming and seeing Holly and her classmates perform.

Anonymous said...

Follow up for the Music Festival :
Scoring 1-Best
That being said, the Trio medaled with a "2". Holly medaled with a "1"

LacubriousOne said...

We are so proud of Holly - great job!