Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Odor Eliminating Light Bulbs!

What a bright idea!


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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Parties in the Park (Part II)

Another week, another great JMB show.

We arrived about 3:15 even before some of the vendors, grabbed the spot with the best view of the stage, and started noshing. The big problem with getting there so early is that the beer stands didn’t open until 5:00! The even worse part was watching vendors walk by carrying beer! As Lacubrious Kurtis says: “This is just wrong!!! Where is the love!!!”.

Javi and David sat and talked with us for a while before the show and did a little noshing. It’s amazing how talkative people get when you give them food. This was the first time we had a chance to talk to David at any length. We found out that he worked for a while at the same place LacubriousOne is currently employed, and that he sometimes plays bass for Candy Coburn’s band.

JMB @ Parties in the Park Posted by Hello

Mr. Lacubrious Jonez Posted by Hello

The show was great, as usual. There were a lot of people there but most of them could have cared less that there was any music at all. What this meant was that we (The Lacubrious Society) had to whistle, clap, and whoop loud enough to make up for it. We wouldn’t want the band to think they were not appreciated. The big problem we had during the show was keeping Mrs. Lacubrious Jonez from walking around taking down umbrellas. She even got a warning from the band.

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AKA, The Middle Section

David and a Future Bass Player Posted by Hello

After the show Mr. Jonez swiped the banner from the front of the stage and had all the band members sign it. If you look closely you can see it laying next to David on the stage in the picture below. Then we loaded up and headed to Llywelyn's Pub in Webster Groves to have some dinner and discuss possible July vacation plans.

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Monday, June 13, 2005

Waiting for the Sun...

LacubriousOne and yours truly attended the JMB performance at the "BUD LIGHT ROCKIN' ON THE LANDING" event. When we got there everyone was "Waiting for the Rain to Fall". The sky was dark to the south and the wind was starting to pick up. Just as the band "GreenWheel" ended their set and JMB started setting up, the sky opened and the rain drove away the crowd. We hoped they wouldn't cancel as we sat in the sound tent "Waiting for the Sun". Around 7:00pm the rain stopped! The show was worth the wait! The sound was crisp and thirty minutes into the set there were well over a hundred people in the little field. By the end of the set, the field was packed. I hope a lot of the Everclear fans were impressed and purchased a JMB CD.

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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Parties in the Park?

We have decided that it is our mission to spread the word about Javier Mendoza Band to those who are not enlightened. For our latest attempt we organized a trip with a couple of friends to the Clayton Parties in the Park. We started out about 2:30, stopped off at PennStation for a quick bite to eat and headed for Clayton.

Just as we were approaching the city limits, the wind started blowing, the clouds opened up, and the rain came down in sheets. When we got to the first street that enters the park, we found a police car displaying a sign reading "Residents Only", so we started looking for another entrance. Every entrance we found also had a police car and sign. After we made several more "U" turns "Q" turns and "P" turns, the rain started to taper off. When we got back around to the original entrance, the police car and sign was gone and we easily found the site of the event.

When we checked with the people remaining at the site, they told us that the event was canceled and would be re-scheduled for the next week. So we headed for BARcelona knowing that Javier was supposed to play an acoustic set there after the park gig. Our thought was that at least the newbees would get to here some live music. Note to self: "Four and a half hours is a really long time to hang out in a restaurant". The good thing is, they have a good selection of beer and servers are very understanding. By the time Javi started, the place was packed!!! Another note to self: "BARcelona is not a good place to hear live music, at least inside". The noise level was so high that you had to yell to talk across the table!

All that being said, we had a great time and agreed that we would all try to go to the re-scheduled event.

Javier @ BARcelona June 8th 2005 Posted by Hello
Finally, a peaceful show. I sure hope the "rowdy crowd" doesn't show up.

Jonez @ BARcelona. Posted by Hello
Small beers for everyone!!!

Barry @ BARcelona. Posted by Hello
This is Barry having the only "small beer" he had all evening.

Lacubrious @ BARcelona Posted by Hello
It's not that we had too much to drink, it's that we had too little.

Kurtis at BARcelona. Posted by Hello
Kurtis, what's that woman whispering in your ear? Is she trying to sell you some acreage?

Sunday, June 05, 2005

JMB @ Llywelyn's Pub

Llywelyn's Pub
We had a bit of a Crazy Ride on Saturday! MrLacubrious and I headed down to Llywelyns in Webster Groves around 6:30pm to secure a good table in view of the stage. The Jonez were scheduled to join us after MrJonez fufilled his civic duties (serving bar-b-que) at a annual festival. We arrived around 7-ish, and were lucky enough to get a table right up front! I say lucky because there were some customers seated there, but they asked to be moved because it was in front of the speakers....yeah! We did notice the stage was full of musical equipment (not JMB's), but probably another band was going to play first or something...(how wrong we were).

MrLacubrious and I ordered some beer and appetizers and opted to wait to order our meal until later (good thing!). First off...Newcastle on Tap, yum......Fried Pickles with tartar sauce, yum.....enough said there.

Just before 8pm, some of the JMB crew arrived....they seemed a little perplexed about the equipment on stage. Javier arrived after that and was gracious enough to inform us that there had indeed been a mixup...they were playing at the Central West End location instead!

So we packed it in, and called MrsJonez, who acted as our personal OnStar (she says "low rent") and guided us to our destination!

When we got to Llywelyns (CWE), we got another surprise! The band was playing the UPSTAIRS Loft (no elevator)! David & Javier offered to hoist MrLacubrious to the Top of the World....and they also informed us that they were not playing until 11pm! The bartender was so funny...she asked me the following: "I don't want to offend you, but can he scoot on his butt?" Apparently her daughter is in a wheelchair and she figured if he wanted to '"scoot" that would be okay. I told her that he didn't like to do that in public, because people freak out, but that when our friends arrived we would see about that. So we opted to wait downstairs and selected a table out on the sidewalk. Called The Jonez and learned that they were soon on their way.....yeah!

So we waited to order dinner until they got there around 10-ish. We ate quickly and MrLacubrious and MrJonez headed upstairs. MrLacubrious managed to "scoot" upstairs, and was only slightly out of breath, lost both shoes and only one sock by the time he was back in his chair. Once he pulled it together, we headed into the Loft Bar.

We got a great seat up front and the show was fab. David and Javier started out, then Andrea got up there and played fiddle on most all the songs, then they asked the "bucket man" from the previous group to jam with them....it was very cool.....

All-in-all, it was a great evening, a little late to start.....but we got what we wanted: beer, food, friends, and great music, plus a little adventure to boot....or is that scoot?!