Monday, February 28, 2005

Moolah is Coolah...

We had to check this out!
Heard about the new theatre that opened in St. Louis - it used to be a Moolah Shrine. Now it's a huge single screen theatre with a bar and leather couches....posh! Plus a bowling alley downstairs and apartments upstairs. Gotta love city living....

We saw Hitch....had popcorn AND's good.

Sunday, February 13, 2005


One thing we decided was that Javier Mendoza was so good in Columbia, we just had to see the whole band. So we, Us and the Joneses, headed to the Duck Room at Blueberry Hill, along with some other homies. We had to first nosh in the dining room, then hop the elevator to the Duck Room. It was a more intimate venue than I expected.....we sat stage left which gave us a great view of the bass player...who we all agreed was awesomely talented!! Actually the entire band was superb! Even cooler, you could pre-purchase that night's concert recording and download later....very now.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Columbia! Part Un...

So, back in January (1/28 to 1/30) when Us and the Joneses went to Columbia, it would have been a fiiiiine time to log some blog time! But of course being the newbies to blogging that we are, and having no loyal following on our blog (most likely due to the LACK of INTERESTING posts) we failed to do so.

As a way to make up for that I will list in order of importance a few things from that little trip:

Beer (sorry Javi)
Javier Mendoza, ala Cherry St. Artisan
Shakespeare's Pizza - artichokes!
Darn good coffee, ala CC Coffee House - Drive-thru Baby!
Flat Branch - chokes-n-cheese
Old Chicago
Magical Snow...
What time is it!!!! (ala Burger King)
Not so good coffee and weird table tops - ala Fusion Brew
Fire Extinguisher

Guys, let me know if you care to add anything....
I know..deh derk err jerrbs!!!

Also, Big Thanks to Dad H. & Kevin for takin' care of our pooches L&B!

Here are a few photos from then...