Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Pageant.....but this weren't no Miss America.

IMG_7514f - Javier Mendoza
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Last minute invites to a catholic school fundraiser at The Pageant brought us out on a Sunday. Javi sent us an email at 1am saying he put our names on "the list". The Jonez's could not make it, but LacubriousToo's Bro, Dougins, rode down with us and got to enjoy the show! I tried to sneak him in on Kurtis's ticket, but nothin doin'! They were checking photo ID's! Javi saved us by adding a name to guest list at the box office!

Anyhow, it was great to see Javi and the guys (Dennis, Carl, and Logan) heat up the stage with all the new songs, plus Rococco! The people sitting next to us were duly impressed...all our braggin had to help!

It was also great to see Javi's Dad and Mom (Carlos & Ana) at the show.

Nosh Place: Penn Station Drink of the night: Amber Bock

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Breaking the sound barrier!!!

IMG_7164f - Honda Goldwing 1800
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I took a VERY exhilarating ride with my brother on his Goldwing 1800.

What do I MEAN by exhilarating you ask????

Well lets just say that I used my adrenaline reserves for the next six months!!!

At one point the speedometer read 125!!!!

All I can say is HOLY SHIT!!!!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Saturday afternoon at Blumenhof

IMG_7066f - Steve Leslie
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Myself, Lacubriousone, and her mom spent a great afternoon sipping wine, eating cheese, and listening Steve.

The weather was perfect!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Quote of the Day...

This is a quote from a freelance writer whose blog I read and who happens to have a book coming out in a couple of weeks….I thought it was fitting for what some members of my family are going through.

“It is important to recognize that how you live your life and how you embrace your experiences, regardless of what those experiences might bring, is always a choice, and that no one has control over how you react to these experiences other than you. You can choose to get bogged down in misery or you can choose to find a way to crawl out of it.”

--Allison Winn Scotch

Monday, April 16, 2007

Javi - Rockin' out at Brandt's

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Caught another Javi show at Brandt's. He was accompanied by Carl and Eric.

Brandt's Cafe

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Another great night out at Brandt's Cafe. Plus we got to meet a new friend, Amy. She's a long time friend of Javi's bass player Eric and 5 years from retiring from school teaching. We're looking forward to seeing her again at Finale.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Erato Wine Bar - Date Night

Okay, so no one wanted to go out the night before Easter with us, so LacubriousToo and I headed down to the city on our own! We grabbed a bite at Qdoba then coffee from Starbucks (no-decaf, late night that it was to be) and drove down to the Erato Wine Bar on Grand Ave.

As usual, Javi was performing! Eric Grossman and Carl Glad joined him and it was a great show. We also got to see Javi's sis-in-law, Jane! She was in town from SF to see the family. Those of you who follow the blog will remember her as "Sweet Jane Jane" the keyboard player from Javi's alter-ego project Sun Motel. And as if that weren't enough, Javi's other sis-in-law was in town from England and recalled how we had met just last year at Brandt's Cafe. I apologize, I can't recall her name just now!

L-Too and I split a couple of bottles of Spanish wine (Codice) and a fab cheese plate (Machego, Chevre, St Andrews) over the course of the evening. Yum!

I think we headed home around 1:30am, grabbed a latte on the way! All in all, a very pleasant evening!

L-Too should be posting photos on flickr sometime soon!