Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Pageant.....but this weren't no Miss America.

IMG_7514f - Javier Mendoza
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Last minute invites to a catholic school fundraiser at The Pageant brought us out on a Sunday. Javi sent us an email at 1am saying he put our names on "the list". The Jonez's could not make it, but LacubriousToo's Bro, Dougins, rode down with us and got to enjoy the show! I tried to sneak him in on Kurtis's ticket, but nothin doin'! They were checking photo ID's! Javi saved us by adding a name to guest list at the box office!

Anyhow, it was great to see Javi and the guys (Dennis, Carl, and Logan) heat up the stage with all the new songs, plus Rococco! The people sitting next to us were duly impressed...all our braggin had to help!

It was also great to see Javi's Dad and Mom (Carlos & Ana) at the show.

Nosh Place: Penn Station Drink of the night: Amber Bock

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