Sunday, May 06, 2007

Cinco de Mayo y Feliz Cumpleanos a mi Madre!

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Well, it was a full day to say the least, what with Cinco de Mayo AND LacubriousOneMom's birthday! We treated Mom to dinner at Growlers, meeting LacubriousKurtis (can you say platanos? Oh no you didn't!), and a Javi concert at Finale! Good times!

We were graciously joined at the Javi concert by several extended "psycho fan" family and friends...Bill, Lisa, Darrell, Sherrie, David, Carrie, and Mary. A total of 12 in all at the 7:30 concert and 7 repeats at the 9:30 concert! WAY TO REPRESENT!

I should mention that we saw some new Javi-friends (Amy Harper) and some long-time-no-see Javi friends (Amy & Tom James). Also, we were recognized from the CD release party by some people at a neighboring table who happen to be coordinating entertainment at Creve Coeur Days, where Javi will be playing this month. We got a personal invite to check out the shows!

Good times never-ending, we headed out to a local bar after the concerts to meet up with Javi, a couple of band members, the Lacubrious crew, and Oscar, a friend of Javi's visiting from Barcelona. Good thing Mom caught a ride home with Darrell! Can you say Starbucks at 1am? WE CAN!

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