Monday, January 02, 2006


Well it looks like the trip to Spain is on!

We are planing on leaving the fourth of June and returning on the sixteenth. Tentatively we would board the plane in St. Louis at 2:24pm change planes in New York and arrive in Madrid on the 5th at 7:45am. The actual flight time from NY to Madrid is a little less than 8 hours.

At the point of landing in Madrid we have three choices:

1) Stay in a hotel in Madrid and use that as our home base.

2) Continue on a flight to Sevilla and stay there or in Cordoba.

3) Get on the Ave (train) in Madrid and Stay in Cordoba.

The cost on options one and two is close to the same where as option three would cost a bit more but include a nice train ride. Option one gives us access to the most places for the least money once we are settled in. There are also a lot more choices in resturants in Madrid. (I found a web site that lists 25 vegetarian places.) There is also a book we might want to get called The New Spain - Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurants.

I am posting here to get feedback from the Lacubrious Crew and anyone else who cares to put in their two cents worth.