Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bowling 2.0

So I got my new 12# Hammer Psycho Raw bowling ball this past Saturday. I ordered it Wednesday night after consulting with the pro shop owner Terry Baldwin. He didn't have it in stock but had one at his other pro shop and would bring it in Saturday, drill it, and help me with it.

So Saturday, DH and I headed up there and Terry was just finishing up the drilling. He had me test out the thumb fit and made a couple more adjustments before handing it over to me to try out. I should mention that I opted for a fingertip grip on this one, as that's what was recommended...I was leery.

The first time I threw it, right into the gutter.

The second time it got farther down the lane, then guttered.

I was a bit disappointed.

Terry came over and helped me with my approach, my grip, my form, my marks, and really helped me understand how the new ball functions. He said I should be able to work up to a pretty decent score once I work through some issues. All in all it was VERY helpful.

I practiced a bit more on Sunday and scored two of my games at higher than my league average, so I have hope now of no longer being an embarrassment. The ladies on my team are all really great and supportive and are out there to have fun...but I still want to do better and at the least get a consistent 3 digit score! That would be super!

I do have plans to try and move up to a 14# ball sometime next season. When I bowl my strike ball, I tend to leave either the 7 or 10 pin standing. I've been practicing picking them off, but I still need more time on the lanes and less shoulder fatigue to work it out to a consistent result...fun...fun...fun!

Great Customer Service!

So AFTER the dentist it was time to head to GE for the lunch special: Chicken N Dumplins...well at least for DH it was. I opted for the Ceasar Salad. Anyhow, just after going in the owners hubby (Steve) came to us and said we'd better get our car to the shop pronto because he could hear air leaking out of the tire!

We ran outside and checked it, wiggled the valve stem and sure enough that's where the noise was coming from. I jumped in the car and drove it down the street to the local repair place where they promptly began working on it.

Steve followed me up there to give me a ride back so DH and I could have lunch together, then he drove me right back up there to get my car. Talk about customer service! Outstanding!

Gotta love the GE...Gift Emporium...it's a little lunch place / gift shop in the town where I work. Daily specials, sandwiches, soups, etc. All served in a retro decor with 1950's kitchen tables and chairs, 45's all over the walls, etc.

Dental Wellness Day

Today was dental wellness day here in the Lacubrious house. We both left work mid morning to get our checkups. Honestly it's been awhile so I expected bad news but instead was pleasantly surprised. No problems and a shiny new toothbrush for my trouble.

DH got a fairly good review, just a few problems in the old wisdom teeth. So DH will have a few more visits then he'll be good as new!

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

French Connection Martini

Javier Mendoza @ LaGra

We headed out tonight after testing out my new bowling ball (love it!)
to LaGra in Dogtown. Javier was playing so us and the Jonezes headed
in to grab dinner, drinks, and music. Awesome!

Friday, March 27, 2009

LacubriousToo Wellness Day

LacubriousToo had his checkup today. The doctor said he is in rare form compared to some of his other wheelchair patients. LToo's activity level is great and his vitals are normal. Just a couple routine blood tests left to come in.

Of course AFTER this wonderful checkup, what does he go do? Practice bowling which would have been fine had he been reasonable about it. CAN YOU SAY 15 GAMES??? I knew you could. Yep 15 friggin games with that new Black Widow ball...I think the guys at the alley thought his arm was gonna fall off!

***UPDATE*** Needless to say there was NO BOWLING Saturday for him, and Sunday I limited it to 3 games. Now he just needs to recover and fine tune his process and KNOCK 'EM DOWN!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Got balls?

My new one, notice that it says Psycho.

LacubriousToo's new one

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Good Food Near You

I found this info on PastaQueen's blog.


"I usually delete most of the press releases I receive, but I recently got one for a site called GoodFoodNearYou that is worth mentioning. You enter your zip code or location into their search box and the site returns a list of nearby restaurants and suggests the healthiest item on their menu. You can also download apps for your iPhone or Blackberry. Looks handy and saves you the trouble of searching the restaurant's site for the nutritional information so you can make a healthy decision." --PastaQueen

Friday, March 13, 2009

Cookie Poll...

Girl Scout Cookies, cookies, cookies, cookies!

Alright, now is your chance to weigh in on the GS Cookie Poll. Check it out on the right side of the blog. I know it's hard to pick one favorite so I set up the Poll to ALLOW MULTIPLE SELECTIONS! Check it out and go wild by picking more than one cookie to vote for!

If you cookie isn't on the list, post your favorite on the comments for this post!

Pet poll results

Friday, March 06, 2009

Girl Scout Cookies...

I missed ordering Girl Scout cookies this year!

That's okay...Did you know that the GS hold cookie booth sales from February 25th through March 15th? You can locate your local booth (Eastern Missouir Region) by going to girlscoutsem.org and clicking on Booth Locations then entering in your zip codes.

You'll get a list of cookie booth location in your area and the time they will be selling.

If you can't leave the house you can MAIL ORDER cookies as well by calling (314) 592-2378...again this is only for the Eastern Missouri Girl Scouts. Go to the Girl Scouts main web site to get in contact with your region.

Pet Poll!!!

In light of current events in our household, I've decided to take a poll about pets and their non-food eating habits. Please check it out on the right hand side of this blog.

You have one week from today to answer this poll!

Bobo has been spotted!

I spoke (blogged?) too soon yesterday...Bobo bits have been spotted which is a good sign that the plumbing is not blocked!

As suspected, Baby was the Bobo eating culprit.

Thursday, March 05, 2009


Well, it's been two days and there is still no "sign" of Bobo. Both dogs are acting fine and their "plumbing" seems to be functioning just fine...normal input and normal output.

So...either the other half of Bobo was not eaten and is just hidden somewhere in the house...or...it's been digested, somehow.

I've given up and will no longer be examining dog feces by flashlight!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

What remains...

This is the scene we found upon arriving home from the gym last night. A sad sight indeed. We should have known that Bobo was not long for this world. When I brought him home from PetSmart and presented him to the dogs, Baby promptly grabbed him and within an hour had his left ear chewed completely off! From then on Bobo resided on top of the doggy toy box until I would initiate play time with the dogs.

This is all that remains of his outer material. The plastic sqeaker used to be inside the head. This begs the question....WHERE IS THE REST OF BOBO?!?!?

Only "time" will tell. DH and I have a running bet as to which dog ate him. I confess I did try to induce vomiting in the Baby by giving her some milk and hydrogen peroxide (just a few tablespoons). Nothing happened. This is the dog that vomits if her feeding schedule is off by an hour, but feed her something that is SUPPOSED to make her sick and she holds it down!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009