Wednesday, March 04, 2009

What remains...

This is the scene we found upon arriving home from the gym last night. A sad sight indeed. We should have known that Bobo was not long for this world. When I brought him home from PetSmart and presented him to the dogs, Baby promptly grabbed him and within an hour had his left ear chewed completely off! From then on Bobo resided on top of the doggy toy box until I would initiate play time with the dogs.

This is all that remains of his outer material. The plastic sqeaker used to be inside the head. This begs the question....WHERE IS THE REST OF BOBO?!?!?

Only "time" will tell. DH and I have a running bet as to which dog ate him. I confess I did try to induce vomiting in the Baby by giving her some milk and hydrogen peroxide (just a few tablespoons). Nothing happened. This is the dog that vomits if her feeding schedule is off by an hour, but feed her something that is SUPPOSED to make her sick and she holds it down!

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Kev said...

Oh thats nothing. Whats bad is when they eat a toy that has string and BEHOLD the dangling terd. Kasy destroys toys all the time on a hunt for the squeaky. She will be fine just watch for the fuzzy terd to pass.