Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bowling 2.0

So I got my new 12# Hammer Psycho Raw bowling ball this past Saturday. I ordered it Wednesday night after consulting with the pro shop owner Terry Baldwin. He didn't have it in stock but had one at his other pro shop and would bring it in Saturday, drill it, and help me with it.

So Saturday, DH and I headed up there and Terry was just finishing up the drilling. He had me test out the thumb fit and made a couple more adjustments before handing it over to me to try out. I should mention that I opted for a fingertip grip on this one, as that's what was recommended...I was leery.

The first time I threw it, right into the gutter.

The second time it got farther down the lane, then guttered.

I was a bit disappointed.

Terry came over and helped me with my approach, my grip, my form, my marks, and really helped me understand how the new ball functions. He said I should be able to work up to a pretty decent score once I work through some issues. All in all it was VERY helpful.

I practiced a bit more on Sunday and scored two of my games at higher than my league average, so I have hope now of no longer being an embarrassment. The ladies on my team are all really great and supportive and are out there to have fun...but I still want to do better and at the least get a consistent 3 digit score! That would be super!

I do have plans to try and move up to a 14# ball sometime next season. When I bowl my strike ball, I tend to leave either the 7 or 10 pin standing. I've been practicing picking them off, but I still need more time on the lanes and less shoulder fatigue to work it out to a consistent result...fun...fun...fun!

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