Friday, March 27, 2009

LacubriousToo Wellness Day

LacubriousToo had his checkup today. The doctor said he is in rare form compared to some of his other wheelchair patients. LToo's activity level is great and his vitals are normal. Just a couple routine blood tests left to come in.

Of course AFTER this wonderful checkup, what does he go do? Practice bowling which would have been fine had he been reasonable about it. CAN YOU SAY 15 GAMES??? I knew you could. Yep 15 friggin games with that new Black Widow ball...I think the guys at the alley thought his arm was gonna fall off!

***UPDATE*** Needless to say there was NO BOWLING Saturday for him, and Sunday I limited it to 3 games. Now he just needs to recover and fine tune his process and KNOCK 'EM DOWN!

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