Friday, March 31, 2006

Steve Leslie - New CD To Be Released!

One of our local musician friends is releasing a his new CD "CORE" on
May 6th.......

Fans have long awaited this CD. We have heard many of the tracks played
live, but are looking forward to hearing the studio versions!

Check out

Thursday, March 30, 2006

My Mom is Certifiable!

Mom recently completed an online G.I. Technician Certification Program. Yeah Mom!

Here is a picture of her pin:

Spain Trip Preparations Volume II

Our checks cleared the that means our old passports made it to the Passport Office. Now lets hope they turn them around pretty quickly. The form says 6 - 8 weeks and it has been just over 4 weeks, so I am not getting ansy.......just yet!

Let's Recap our preparation list:

#1 Decide to Go - DONE
#2 Pick a date - DONE
#3 Book Flight / Hotel - DONE
#4 RENEW Passports!!! - IN PROCESS
#5 Buy new Camera - DONE

Check out this baby!

The manual is only 171 pages!!!

Oh well, I've got plenty of time to learn all about it. Especially between our workouts, our jobs, learning spanish, outings with the Lacubrious Jonezes, chores, and the like...yep...pleeeennnty of time....yikes!!! It's only 66 days!!!

Thanks to LacubriousTwo for doing all the research on this camera and deciding that now was the time to buy is too cool!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Rockin' the Night for ALS

Once again (has a year gone by so soon?) we attended the Rocking the Night for ALS Event in Ferguson, Missouri. This time we brought 12 people with us! Check out the pictures below:

Javier Mendoza is Rockin' the Night!

Uncle Ed is in the witness protection program!

What is Dad doing?!

Two Eds are better than one!

Doug & Joyce are having a great time!

Shhh! Daddy is sleeping...

David Karns Project was Rockin' the Night!

The Upright Animals were Rockin' the Night!

Here's a link to last years blog entry!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Sun Motel - Gig #1

We and Mr LacubriousJonez (Mrs. LJZ was not able to attend in whole form) headed out to take in a "new" band: SunMotel

They were playing at "Off Broadway" after some food and drink at Growler's we headed over and enjoyed the music! Here are some photos - courtesy of Mr. LJZ:

Mr&Mrs. LacubriousJonez - or at least a representation of the Mrs.

Is she really drinking STAG beer!

Mr&Mrs. Lacubrious or is that ole squinky-eye I see there!

Mr&Mrs. LacubriousJonez at the pschydelic Off Broadway. I think the VO&H2O is starting to get to Mr. LJZ!