Monday, December 21, 2009

Friday, December 04, 2009

Baby Mastering The Stairs

Waiting for Christmas

Here's Baby, patiently waiting for Christmas...

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Saturday, November 28, 2009

How does this thing work?


Why it's the Kurtis....missing for so long from our outings!

Canon 7D

Karen and her 7D at the Brickhouse.

@ The Brickhouse Pub & Grill

Javi & Joe at the Brickhouse Pub in Wildwood.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sweet Low Sugar Green Smoothie

Yum yum! Great way to recharge after a puppy grooming session. Got the recipe from Kristen Suzanne's book.

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Monday, November 23, 2009


Worth cleaning the microwave for...steamed acorn squash!

I DID pierce the skin!


Plus this:

Equals THIS:


Sunday, November 22, 2009

So we're making some more improvements...and once again I forgot to take a before pic so this one will have to do. It's actually from before the landscaping project but you can get a good idea of the sidewalk before demolition. Check out the progress over at our other blog.

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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Lucky & Naked

Listening to Lucky Dan and Naked Mike at Schlafly's. Http://

Post Walk

After a break (finally!) from rain, the sun came out and I was able to
take Baby on a well deserved walk!

It's been a week since we could go thus her state afterwards instantly
turned to this:

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Gus - Part Deux

After 10 days of antibiotics, Gus is still a bother. Headed to the surgeon this morning hoping to get it removed but there is still a ton of inflammation. It's like there is a golf ball embedded in my back. The pain is less but the redness and swelling are still around.

The surgeon looked at it and said, yep still inflamed but we are draining it today so it will have a chance to resolve somewhat. Then in several weeks I can come back and have it completely excised!

I will not go into the procedure here, you can google it if you're interested.

All I can say is, DAMN THE ANESTHETIC HURT! I though my head was going to pop off from the burning! Also as soon as she poked the needle in there was fluid coming out. I tried not to think about it as she worked on me.

Beach, ocean sounds, seagulls flying above. Blood, Pus, Fluid, NO! Peaceful beach scenes, sand beneath my feet, salt air, ahhhhhh. Hydrogen peroxide, fizzing sounds, Wha?, NO! You get the idea. I like reading about medical conditions, I enjoy medical television (non graphic), but I AM NOT A FAN OF ACTUAL MEDICAL PROCEDURES. NO WAY NO HOW!

So, I'm hopeful this procedure gives Gus a run for his money, reduces the pain and annoyance for me, and gets Gus on the eviction track! Unfortunately (for Mr.Lacubrious) there are some "wound care" duties that he will need to help me with over the next few days. One word..."packing"..and we're not talking suitcases! Ewwwww!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Sweet Angelina's Cafe

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We were out on a fall foliage drive on Saturday when we ended up in Defiance. We passed by Frisella's Nursery and had, on a previous trip to Chandler Hill Winery, noticed a sign for Sweet Angelina's Cafe. We decided to stop for lunch.

What we found was a little cafe tucked into the Nursery's store. Complete with an espresso machine! Awesome! The gal who waited on us was really nice and we tried a couple of sandwiches, a 3 cheese on ciabatta, and brisket on french roll with horseradish mayo. Yum, yum, both were tasty. I didn't feel like a coffee at that point so we passed on that, but they have GIANT cookies there and some baked items too.

All in all a cute little place for a bite to eat.

Here's a link to their web page:

Monday, October 19, 2009


When we were in Spain, a version of this song played every morning at
breakfast. We went around saying La Vaca at inopportune moments during
the whole trip! Actually 3 years later we still do!
Check out this video on YouTube:

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I picked up a friend while on vacation. I thought the t-shirt or the beach shells a worthy souvenir but alas, Gus has decided otherwise.

Gus is painful, I think he is armed with a tiny knife.

Gus made me go to Urgicare.

Gus made me have to take antibiotics.

Gus made me make an appointment with a surgeon.

Gus will be leaving next Tuesday, I hope.

He has overstayed his welcome.

I hate Gus.

Gus is the infected cyst on my back.

Videos from the Outer Banks...

Uploaded these vids to youtube, so check them out.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Last night at the beach...

Wright Brothers Memorial

We went to the memorial today with an hour to spare before they
closed! We heard a cool talk from a park ranger about the first
motorized flight (12 seconds).

Location of first flight:

Then we picked up a couple of slices of pizza and headed here:

Day 6.5 Roanoke & Wright Brothers

Slept in AGAIN but managed to head out in the pouring rain to Dunkin Donuts for a latte and donut. I can't wait to get home for the simple reason of being easier for me to get more FIBER in my diet...OMG...I need veg and oatmeal and water on a regular basis or else.

Ahem...anyhoo we did manage to get some sightseeing in today. We headed to Roanoke Island to the aquarium which was small but nice enough and had quite a few kids visiting. It took us about an hour to see everything there then we noticed a break in the rain so we headed to the Elizabethan Gardens. It was very nice but somewhat messy (especially for DH) due to the rain/mulch/pine needle pathways.

DH and the garden

Here DH has realized how dirty he and his chair were getting from the

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Roanoke Island / Manteo

So yesterday afternoon we drove around Manteo on the island of
Roanoke. It looks to be super quaint area with a few attractions. It
was cold and rainy and late so we didn't see too much except the
Roanoke Marshes Lighthouse.


Went to this doggy paraphernalia store near Corolla yesterday. Love
the sign!