Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Gus - Part Deux

After 10 days of antibiotics, Gus is still a bother. Headed to the surgeon this morning hoping to get it removed but there is still a ton of inflammation. It's like there is a golf ball embedded in my back. The pain is less but the redness and swelling are still around.

The surgeon looked at it and said, yep still inflamed but we are draining it today so it will have a chance to resolve somewhat. Then in several weeks I can come back and have it completely excised!

I will not go into the procedure here, you can google it if you're interested.

All I can say is, DAMN THE ANESTHETIC HURT! I though my head was going to pop off from the burning! Also as soon as she poked the needle in there was fluid coming out. I tried not to think about it as she worked on me.

Beach, ocean sounds, seagulls flying above. Blood, Pus, Fluid, NO! Peaceful beach scenes, sand beneath my feet, salt air, ahhhhhh. Hydrogen peroxide, fizzing sounds, Wha?, NO! You get the idea. I like reading about medical conditions, I enjoy medical television (non graphic), but I AM NOT A FAN OF ACTUAL MEDICAL PROCEDURES. NO WAY NO HOW!

So, I'm hopeful this procedure gives Gus a run for his money, reduces the pain and annoyance for me, and gets Gus on the eviction track! Unfortunately (for Mr.Lacubrious) there are some "wound care" duties that he will need to help me with over the next few days. One word..."packing"..and we're not talking suitcases! Ewwwww!

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