Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Day 5.5 - Southern Shores

So today we got a late start after needing to rest up after yesterday's monolithic drive/ferry trip. We ended yesterday at a place called Chilli Peppers after a walk on Nags Head Pier. We had a couple margaritas, some chili and chicken and black bean spring rolls. Yummy stuff but it was just enough to put us over the top for the day and we basically had to drag ourselves, semi-comatose back to the need sleep. Once again, we left the door to the balcony open and a window thrown wide to hear the ocean only to wake up to a 55 degree room...brrrrrrrrr.

So after snoozing til 10, we managed to pull ourselves together and head out. We drove to the Southern Shores today, which is actually North of us and constitutes the towns of Duck, Ocean Beach, and Corolla.

We stopped for lunch at a place called Route 12. Mmmmm, crab bisque and salad while DH opted for the lasagne. We wandered the small shopping areas nearby, picking up some trinkets before heading out.

One of the things we've noticed are places called Drive Thru Brew...

It's a drive thru "beverage" store!

After continuing on we end up in Corolla, home of the Currituck Light House!

And an added bonus, it's open for climbing! Yeah, just in time for my legs which have barely recovered from Hatteras. So I pay $7.00 and hike on up! Check out the videos I'll be uploading in the next post.

After this we continue driving to the END OF THE ROAD...seriously, we ran out of road. Check off route 12, we drove the whole thing on OBX!

At this point it started raining, which spoiled our plans to do the jeep/mustang drive in we headed back and drove over to Roanoke Island...a place we plan to head back to tomorrow. We found yet another lighthouse! Roanoke Marshes Lighthouse.

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