Friday, October 09, 2009

They Might Be Giant Outer Banks - Day .5


Well, technically we don't leave for OBX (Outer Banks, NC) until tomorrow, but poor planning on my part created a situation where we MUST start our vacation a bit early.

Weeks before booking the flight to OBX, I bought tickets to the They Might Be Giants concert at the The Pageant. Logistics being what they are, this meant leaving work early Friday, going to the concert, driving back home, then getting up in time to make our 9am flight. Yes, we could do that, but in the interest of getting on with the chillin we've opted to book a room in STL for the night. So we can hit the concert, sleep well, and be right on time and not rushed for our flight on Saturday.

So wooo hooo! We've left work and are headed home to pick up our luggage, greet the house/dog sitter (you know who you are), and bug on outta town!

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