Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Great Customer Service!

So AFTER the dentist it was time to head to GE for the lunch special: Chicken N Dumplins...well at least for DH it was. I opted for the Ceasar Salad. Anyhow, just after going in the owners hubby (Steve) came to us and said we'd better get our car to the shop pronto because he could hear air leaking out of the tire!

We ran outside and checked it, wiggled the valve stem and sure enough that's where the noise was coming from. I jumped in the car and drove it down the street to the local repair place where they promptly began working on it.

Steve followed me up there to give me a ride back so DH and I could have lunch together, then he drove me right back up there to get my car. Talk about customer service! Outstanding!

Gotta love the GE...Gift Emporium...it's a little lunch place / gift shop in the town where I work. Daily specials, sandwiches, soups, etc. All served in a retro decor with 1950's kitchen tables and chairs, 45's all over the walls, etc.

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