Monday, May 11, 2009

Mom's 60th

Well, we got together and threw Mom a surprise 60th birthday party. We rented the Hawthorne banquet center and I secretly contact her coworkers, church friends, and the family and we successfully surprised her. DH took some photos which you can check out on his flickr site.

Above is the photo board I put together for the party. It was hard to narrow down the photos to use. I scanned them into the computer and DH cleaned them up and rotated and cropped, then we had them sent to walgreens for printing. It was fun to look at and see how Mom's hair had changed...many, many times!

Below are the black and silver gift bags that I used as table decorations. I glued a photo of Mom to each side and stuffed them with tissue paper, weighted down with a can of tuna and we tied black and white balloons to each one.

I'll post more photos if I can get DH to release his iron grip on them!

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