Saturday, December 22, 2007

Sweetie-face-Linus & FESTIVUS

Another great shot by Ltoo...It really captures the essence of L-dog.

I just noticed that I am logged into flickr as Ltoo so all these postings appear to be by him! Doh! It really is me...LacubriousOne! I guess it IS too much trouble to log out!

Well, I need to get back to preparing for FESTIVUS.

Yes that's right, all my relatives are coming over on Christmas Eve. We need a better name for our Christmas Eve get I am stealing a name from my boss, who stole it from Seinfeld who in turn got it from a writer who's father came up with the idea...FESTIVUS!

We are however NOT going to be partaking in any of the traditional FESTIVUS events:

For one, it is supposed to be held on December 23rd, NOT DOING THAT.

Also, there will be no Airing of Grievences and no Feats of Strength, and no aluminum Festivus pole.

However, I am NOT ruling out a FESTIVUS anything can happen!


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