Saturday, July 28, 2007

Lafayette Park '07

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So the 6 of us....yep, we're growing the groupies one assimilation at a time,...headed down to Lafayette to catch the full band at the park.

We were ill prepared. BYOB? Chairs? Blankets? Damn, good thing Kurtis and Mr LJ headed out to locate provisions! But did they have to drive all the way to a Schnucks??? There was some debate over that...but the improtant thing is that we got to lay beneath the stars, drink some suds and rock out to JM!

After, we grabbed some mexican grub and went to 1111 for some drinks and to chat with JM and Dave Aholt (piano master).

Great night! A Big Huge THANKS to Kurtis for driving the Big Green Machine so we could all ride together! When is the bar getting installed?!?

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