Sunday, July 01, 2007

On Top of the World!

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The picture to the right shows Mr. Lacubrious Jonez playing "On Top of The World" with Carlito for the sound check at the Riverfront Cultural Society in New Haven Mo.

Javi took the stage at 8:00pm. This was an AMAZING show!!! The place was packed! We don't know the exact numbers, but we estimate 100 people in attendance. If you count the people outside dancing in the street, I am sure that it was more like 120!

Another highlight was meeting Trevor Snarr, a friend of Javi's from his Trekking for Kids trip a few years ago. It turns out that Trevor is a part time movie actor who was in the movie Napoleon Dynamite. He played the jock boyfriend of the cheerleader.


Javi and Carl really rocked the place.


The RCS is really a pretty good music venue. Until this show we had only seen it from the outside. We had heard both good and bad things about the place. It is a very "rustic" 80 to 100 year old building with a creaky floor, and no two tables or chairs the same. Although they didn't have a sound guy, Javi managed to figure out the board in no time and the sound through the really nice JBL speakers was incredible. The really cool thing about RCS is that they are a non-for-profit organization that is run strictly by volunteers. You can bring in what ever you want to eat or drink, you only have to pay the cover charge so that the bands, rent, and utilities get paid. The cover for Javi's show was only $7!


We had a lot of friends and family join us including uncle Ed, his friend Rick and Rick's son Josh from Connecticut. In total the Lacubrious Crew brought out eleven guests to the show.

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