Saturday, June 09, 2007

Microfest fun!

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Mark down another successful outing for the Lacubrious Crew! Although it was NOT the same without Kurtis, we made the best of it. MrsLacubriousJones hooked us up with the tickets to the St. Louis Microfest in Forest Park. Just so happens Javier Mendoza was playing in the afternoon, hmmm, how is that for planning?

It was also an opportunity for LacubriousToo to get in some camera time with his GIANT rental lens. He’s been yearning for an IS (image stabilized lens), they are pricey, but he found a great place that will “rent” you one via mail order. He got it this week! So this event was a prime opportunity to try it out.

Around 1:30 –ish we headed down to the event. We had a little trouble navigating due to the heavy construction in Forest Park. Yes, oh yes, MrLacubriousJones made at least one Q-turn! We finally found the upper Muny parking lot and headed to the registration booth to get signed in. We signed away our rights (waiver) and showed our ID’s, got our wrist bands and little sample glasses and we were off!

We tried “several” varieties of beer. Some we had tried before, others were new to us. Nothing really knocked our socks off (what socks?!) but I have to say that the Blackberry Wheat was pretty refreshing on a warm summer day. Once we were pickled, we headed off to find Javi and the gang. They were all chillin’ under the shade trees waiting to get into the small metal box, err I mean “stage”.

The gang this time around was Javi, Carl, Moises, and Bill. They were great, although there were some power and sound issues. Sometimes the quality of sound at these outdoor events leaves a lot to be desired. At one point the whole system cut out right in the middle of Blood in the Water….when it came back on, Javi just picked it up from where he left off!

The whole thing was over by 6pm, so we packed up our crew and headed down to Cicero’s for some dinner…….and to wait for Javi & Carl who were performing a 45 minute set that night. They were opening up for the Fundamental Elements. It sounded great, LacubriousToo got some great photos.

We ended the evening our usual way…..grabbing some coffee at Starbucks on the way home. Good times!!!

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