Monday, July 13, 2009


Quick shout out to my cousin Ryan who is having knee surgery TODAY! We're keeping you in our thoughts and hopeful for pain free outcome and super quick healing!

Okay, so Dr. Bob Menardi emailed me with two vet oncologists in STL who administer the vaccine:

Midwest Veterinary Referral Center
Dr. Michael Buss
17709 Edison Ave, Ste A
Phone: 636-536-4991

Veterinary Specialty Services
Dr. Joanne Graham
1021 Howard George Dr.
Phone: 636-227-9400

I will be calling them to see who can see Linus the soonest.

Also, Linus's breath has turned really smelly over the weekend. (Ack! dog breath!) I think the surgical site is infected so he's going back to Dr. Franklin tomorrow for a quick looksee and probably antibiotics. The site is also swelling a bit although his eating and appetite are unaffected.

Linus is seeing Dr. Franklin tomorrow, Dr. Frick on Saturday for his holistic consultation and Dr. Buss on Monday for his vaccine consultation...3 CAR RIDES!!! He'll be loving that!

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