Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fixin the feedback

So we headed to another Javi show at LaGra. Only this time MrJonez was
armed and ready with WD40. Why, you ask? Because every time we've been
at LaGra the kitchen door squeaks in tone that sounds like feedback!
Ugh so MrJonez brought the juice to fix the problem and ensure a
squeak free evening ..... Awesome!


Big Ez said...

WD-40 (Water Displacement formula #40) developed for NASA. It has been touted to have 1000's of uses. One that the company does not promote is its ability to liquefy cocaine. It seems bar owners in Europe were having an issue with patrons snorting coke in the bathroom, so they treated the counter tops with WD-40. It apparently turns the powder in to a liquid . I have never checked SNOPES on that, but I read it online

Anonymous said...

Thanks for explaining this picture. I thought Ed was having serious problems.....HA...HA....HA.