Friday, July 10, 2009

Good, Bad, and Ugly...

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The good news is that Linus is back to his perky, playful self. Last night he wrestled with Baby, our other dog and was so cute rolling around on his back just like a puppy. DH and I commented on how much better he must be feeling. I took the dogs on a short walk after my Podrunner session so maybe that gave him the energy to play.

The bad news is that Dr. Franklin, our veterinarian called this morning.

The ugly news is that Linus has Malignant Melanoma. The Vet is sending me the pathology report. This is the worst type of cancer for Linus to have. It typically will metastisize to the lymph nodes and/or lungs. I'm not sure what we will do. This vet clinic doesn't have the staff or resources to deal with this. The vet said radiation is an option but that it would have to be at the University and Linus would need sedation every time and it would be many sessions.

I'm thinking about getting another opinion. I think we need to know if it has metastisized. So a chest xray would be in order. I think that would tell us at least how much time he has and what we can expect as far as symptoms and his level of comfort when the time comes.

He's just so lively right now that this is hard to process.


Big Ez said...

The decision will not be easy. I am sure you will reflect on it, and will decide what is right for Linus. WE are thinking of you.

Anonymous said...

You will do what you need to and no matter what you decide, Linus has two great people in his life. Some times love is all we can give and it is a better medicine than all other treatment out there. You will know what to do and if you decide to enjoy what time he has left as long as he is comfortable, than do it and remember how much he loves you too. Love you both and I am here if you need me as I am always.
Love you,