Thursday, July 30, 2009

Update on Linus's return to ICU

MU called and Linus's fever is down to 104.1 but he had an allergic reaction to the plasma tranfusion. So it was stopped while they treated him with benadryl. He still has no appetite but they're hoping after the itching and facial swelling subside he will feel like eating.

In an earlier call we were told that he is anemic and low on protein. So tranfusions would be needed. A call to NIH was made and the study manager indicated that these low numbers did happen in other animals on the trial and that they had recovered.

The thing to watch for is something called capillary leak.They will recheck his bloodwork in the morning and once his temp has come down to normal they will reevaluate his neurologic response namely the weakness in his legs (ataxia). They plan to do a spinal tap to rule out some things.

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