Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bad night...

Well Linus spiked a fever of 106.3 so we had to take him for an IV at Sullivan Vet Hospital! I called the emergency service and they paged Dr. Kat Stuart. She met us at the clinic at 1am and was ready with the IV. We first tried it in his already shaved leg up on the table but it got pulled out. So she suggested he may be more comfortable on the floor so we moved down there and I held him on my lap while she shaved his other leg and started the IV. He was very quiet and just laid there.

She pushed the 1st 100 ml in within the hour then dialed it down for the rest of the night. Since we had no way to confine him we opted to leave him at the clinic for the night and check on him in the morning. Dr. Stuart was going to call MU first thing to give them the info on his status.

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