Friday, July 10, 2009

Thank goodness for the Port-O-Potty

Today I got up early and headed out to the high school track for my podrunner session. My left shin has been plagued with a minor shin splint problem so I thought jogging on a level surface which is made for running would be helpful. Truth be told it was much better. Not that I'm pain free by any stretch.

After that I walked back home, hydrated, and leashed up the dogs for a walk which they enjoyed. We had to take a different route due to the Fair blocking off our usual streets.

Then DH and I got ready and headed out to grab a Jimmy John's, I love the veggie unwich! We picked up some coffee and soda and headed out, driving around a bit to see what's what in the 'hood. We ended up all over the back country and spotted some great views and neat farms, but that giant coffee had gotten to me! Soon we were looking for a wide spot in the road to pull over so I could get some "relief". Luckily, we spotted an old farm house that was being dismantled, presumably to reclaim the old wood so we turned in the driveway to get a better look and voila, my prayers were answered:

--not the actual potty--

Yes folks, out in the country we found a port-o-potty. I had DH keep lookout (there was no one around!) as I hopped out of the car and into the potty! Now we could keep on driving out in the boonies and I didn't have to risk a tick bite on the a$$! Serendipity!

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