Monday, July 27, 2009

Morning update...IL-12 Injection Day 1

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Jen Wolf called from MU Vet School to let us know that Linus had a good night and was alert and in good spirits this morning. He was walked and went potty normally.

The plan for the day was to sedate him for the jugular catheterization (ewww) and inject the clinical trial meds. She promised to call around 5pm to give us an update on his status. She also confirmed that he will be in ICU until we pick him up on Wednesday.

WE miss him!

Yesterday I took him for a walk with Baby so he would be calmer for the ride. We headed out around 3pm to take him to Columbia and we stopped to buy him a plain hamburger (minus bread), which he LOVED! He even licked the wrapper! Then he settled in for the ride. We got delayed by a motorcycle accident on Hwy 47 just past Marthasville but I made up the time on the Interstate. (I will not tell you how fast I drove!) We ended up 15 minutes late but it was fine. We signed the Hospitalization Agreement and resuscitation authorization. Then they took him away. DH and I got the heck outta there before we put too much thought (tears) into it, headed to Flat Branch for a couple of beers and a snack then out of town and back home to Baby.

Originally uploaded by dehmystic

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