Friday, April 29, 2011

Update on Baby-Day 8

Baby appears to have a better appetite in the evening versus the morning. She does eat her food very slowly and she tends to leave a little in the bowl. This morning I had to wet it down for her and get her interested. She seems to prefer her treats to actual dog food and has no hesitation in eating them. Maybe she’s being temperamental?

Activity Level:
We walked around the block last night with no problem; she seems to have the best energy level in the early evening. In the morning she seems lethargic. She readily gets up to go outside and eliminate, but after eating she lies down and somewhat hesitates to rise when called. As I said, evenings are much better.

I have also noticed she has some weakness in her hindquarters. She’s having some minor issues when jumping up onto furniture. She also has some intermittent trembling. Drinking and elimination are normal, although she has been having 2 BMs in the evening.

Should we skip an evening dose and see if that improves her morning appetite?

All things considered, we’re happy with her progress. She seems so much more at ease now.

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