Thursday, April 07, 2011

Trilostane AKA: Vetoryl

The drug recommended by our Vet for the treatment of Baby's Hyperadrenocorticism is called Trilostane, AKA: Vetoryl.

I found a detailed article that discusses how the drug works, how to monitor its effectiveness, and possible adverse reactions.

We are still trying to work out the appointment for the LDDS, Low Dose Dexamethasone Test for next week. It's a busy work week and fitting in a full day at the vet is challenging but I really feel that the sooner we get Baby oon the treatment the better she will feel.

Today she's a bit lethargic again and her belly appears bloated. It seems like these symptoms wax and wane every few days and I'm not sure why. I also wonder if she is having any pain. I understand that cortisol is a steroid and as such should mitigate any inflammatory response, but does that mean the dog is not in any discomfort? Also in my research, the added cortisol can affect the GI tract and so giving NSAIDS to an untreated cushingoid dog can cause GI bleeding.

Do they have doggy narcotics? Those are probably metabolized by the liver which is not a good option either.

I guess she's just going to have feel better from having a good meal and maybe a full body massage...doggy spa style!

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