Wednesday, April 27, 2011


This morning brought a significant change in Baby's appetite. She did not immediately eat her food when it was presented, it took a minute or so for her to get started and when she did it was slowly and she only ate half of it.

Last night LacubriousToo took her out in the yard and she wandered around actively. She's still playing with her toys when prompted.

Stools are normal.

Water input/output is reduced as well.

The ACTH stim is scheduled for May 3rd.

-- Post From My iPhone

***Vet's response***

"This could be potentially worrisome, meaning that the medicine does not usually have that dramatic of an effest that quickly, however it is posssible that Baby's Trilostane dose is too high. I would like you to monitor Baby for 24-36 hours. If her appetite and water intake do not improve or continue to decrease, then give us a call tomorrow and we will reschedule her stim for this Friday to make sure that her Trilostane dose is not too high."

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