Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Cushing's Anyone?

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Well, I just got the call from the Vet Specialist. Baby's test results were as follows:

ALP: 2800
Cholesterol: High
Platelets: High
Thyroid: Normal
Urine: Dilute
Blood Pressure: High
Liver Aspiration: VH - Vascular Hepatopathy (typical in cushings, NOT CANCER!)
Spleen: EMH - extramedullary hematopoiesis (not typically treated, NOT CANCER!)

So the Vet (as was I) is leaning towards Cushings. Next step is a Low Dose Dex test, probably next week sometime. It's an 8 hour test where they will do 3 blood draws after they administer Dexamethasone. They will be testing for cortisol suppression, if there is any, then no Cushiings, most likely there will be none and she'll be diagnosed Cushingoid. Their recommended treatment is with a drug called Trilostane. On going follow-up by ACTH testing every 3 months for monitoring dosage.

So, as always, we're keeping it real...real interesting!

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