Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The results are...

LDDS Test Results on Baby confirm that she has Cushing's. Most likely PDH, Pituitary Dependent Hyperandrenalcorticism. Meds are on order from Roadrunner Pharmacy and should be arriving tomorrow!

Dex Suppression (3 Samples)
Time 815
Time 1215
Time 415
Cortisol Sample 1 5.6 Range: 1.0-5.0 μg/dL HIGH
Cortisol Sample 2 Dex 4.3 Range: 0.0-1.4 μg/dL HIGH
Cortisol Sample 3 Dex 5.2 Range: 0.0-1.4 μg/dL HIGH
Low-dose dexamethasone suppression test:
Normal: Cortisol level less than 1.4 ug/dl 8hrs post-dex.
Hyperadrenocorticism: Cortisol level greater than 1.4 ug/dl 8hrs
If the 8hr post dex. cortisol level is greater than 1.4 ug/dl,
the following can be used to differentiate pituitary dependent
hyperadrenocorticism (PDH) from an adrenal tumor:
1. Cortisol level less than 1.4 ug/dl 4hrs post-dex is
consistent with PDH.
2. Cortisol level less than half the baseline level at either 4 or 8
hours post-dex is consistent with PDH.
(Samples taken at 2 or 6hrs are interpreted the same way as a 4hr
If neither of these criteria is met, further testing is needed to
differentiate PDH from adrenal tumor Cushings.
NOTE: Approx. 5% of dogs with PDH have normal results.
False positives may occur with stress/nonadrenal illness.

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