Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Dog Obedience Class #2

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As usual, I was in a rush to get home and get to my evening commitment! Doggy Obedience / Owner Training class!

I gave Ivy just a tidbit for dinner so she'd be hungry for treats in class. Then we loaded up our doggy bag, water, treats, etc. and headed to city hall.

As expected, it was a bit trying but the new pinch collar makes her so much more controllable. She was the noisy one in class, barking and whining. She did eventually calm down and since the class was small (only 4 dogs/handlers, plus the instructor and her 2 dogs) Ivy got on with the training pretty quickly.

We basically, worked on heeling, turns, and leash pressure work.

It went by fairly quickly and I think Ivy enjoyed the stimulation!

We played in the backyard when we got home...that dog LOVES to retrieve!

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