Saturday, August 08, 2009

Visiting Linus

Here's a short video of Linus in the comfort room at MU. The red tube
on his face is for oxygen. They've sutured it to his face to keep it
in place but he still tries to knock it out of his nose!

His edema is much less but still in his abdomen and his front legs.
His pulse-ox drops after about 20 minutes off the O2 but he no longer
needs the "tent". The tent consisted of a clear plastic "funnel"
collar with the open end covered in plastic wrap. I have no idea how
he even put up with that!

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Anonymous said...

Poor Linus, he is trying so hard, Give him a hug for me. You are doing more than, I could have done. I love you both, hope he does better soon. My hope is that they do not put him through more than he can handle and they keep him comfortable.